Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who believes in this?

I'm sure many had heard this somewhere or infact using it now as well.

My question is, how true isit? Like, seriously, a pendant that called Quantum can heal/relieves all sorts of illnesses? Or isit just plain psychology thing? Like when you hear people started wearing and they commented on how good it was and then your mind starts playing tricks with you.

It seems that this pendant could gives you energy or 'qi' and believe it or not, when you put the pendant under a cup of water for 5 mins and then when you drink the water, the whole energy thing goes into your body and you feel rejuvenate again. And yes, it does makes you look younger too in a long run. Like what sense does it make? Even badminton players and all are wearing it.

And guess what. My momma got brainwashed by this thinggy and bought it for Rm200+. And she said from the time she wore it, she felt more energetic and could sleep very soundly at night. (She can hardly sleep soundly during the night because of anxiety.) And then she felt more energetic as well.

But from what i've observed. Yes, she does has more energy now. MORE ENERGY TO NAG.



Now even the schools are being thrown with molotov cocktails? Whats wrong with those barbaric morons? Over a word to destroy the country's unity? Total BS.

When you're stressed
Go have some desserts.


cr3ap said...

Well, I don't believe such a thing though. But theoretically, it's said that if one strongly believes on something, the thing only works. It's some sort of like mental psychic yourself that you will heal yourself having this pendant. But not too sure about these stuffs.

Regards from cr3ap

kenwooi said...

i have a jed around my neck too..
mum bought it all the way from china.. she says it's good for health or smth.. im not sure.. just wear it.. =P

Anonymous said...

maybe that pendant works who knows ? for that price I think its a good health investment. we only have 1 life don't we ? rm200+ stuff is nothing..


Sophia Lai said...

cr3ap : Yeap, that's true. But then this thing is really something call magical. It seems that it's made out of Lava stone particles and has scalar energy. Alot of people proven it's good. God knows. haha.

kenwooi : Maybe for protection and luck as well? ;)

starbucksdude : It is nothing. No harm trying also. But she really got more energy to nag now don't cha think so? tsk tsk tsk.