Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nokia Comes With Music launch party @ Bukit Kiara.

Finally had the time and inspiration to blog. =)

Friday night was oh-some. Went to the Nokia Comes With Music launch party at Bukit Kiara as everyone was given the chance to buy Nokia X6 at only RM66! But the whole thinggy works like this. They'll give out coupons with serial number at bout 7pm and then out of the 2000+ coupons, only 66 were picked. So it's kinda pointless also if you go there early to grab those coupons only to have your number not being drawn. It's basically base on PURE luck. You have only a 2% chance to buy that baby at such price.

To top that, there's free concert! Performed by 6ixth Sense, Aizat, Khalil Fong from Hong Kong and of coz, the ultimate reason why most of them are there is because of Boys Like Girls! =D

Am happy to get to know a few new blogger friends. Let see if i could remember their names. Felicia, a superduper pretty and cute lady, ( the way she jumps around is just so adorable =P ), Kelly, JoshuaOng, Nigel, David, Jason, SmashPop and Euveng to name a few. Oh, is there two Nigels and two Jasons? =P Sorry if i couldn't remember the rest. But i remember the faces. :) And the world is so small. Apparently Euveng is bro's friend and Eric's schoolmate? lol. haha. Always like that.

*Pictures courtesy of Felicia*

L-R : Hikaru, myself, Yat, Felicia and Euveng.
*Thank you for the great night! Hope to see you guys again.*

And obviously a million thank you to the buaya for picking me and sending me home. Terima kasih manyak manyak. =P

*I have this thinggy about being home on Friday nights. What more when it's during full moon. urgh. And oh, i saw a few St John members from KSTU. Couldn't help myself but to just think about my past. Those days where we used to go on duty, wearing that uniform. This may sound damn weird, but i really do miss wearing that uniform, and being apart of the family. But i know, i can never go back to that same place again.....*

Still, happy happy me! =D


"What are we supposed to do
After all that we've been through
When everything that felt so right is wrong
Now that the love is gone?
There is nothing left to prove
No use to deny this simple truth
Can't find the reason to keep holding on
Now that the love is gone."

-David Guetta.

If i had to live my life without you near me
The days would all be empty.

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