Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Paranormal Activity with fellow bloggers @ Tropicana.

Today's another awesome day. Went to coll, met up with friends, played some pool and attended Human Communication class. Sounds weird ain't? It's like showing middle finger to the lecturer and say "Nah! I just communicated with you!". Ok, no la, it's pretty much about boosting your self-confidence in public speaking and know the ways to communicate in a more appropriate way.

Then came home about five, less than 15 mins got a call from Jenkin Yat asking if i'm still up for the grab for the premier screening of Paranormal Activity at Tropicana. Obviously i want to go la since i didn't win any tix coz' apparently my true ghost story wasn't that scary enough. lol. Thank God mum's ok with it, because it was a very last minute plan.

Anyway, Paranormal Activity is nothing new. They said it's the scariest movie ever but honestly, there's other scarier movie like Ju-On or whatsoever. That is because you can see the ghost! And i don't like that. But in this case, it's all about the mysterious paranormal activity that is happening around this couple's house, Katie and Micah. Often times they would experienced those paranormal activities like lights and pipe on and off continuously, sound of the footsteps, slamming of their room's door and etc. The shittiest part was there's this shadow came slowly towards the bed where the couple were sleeping and grabbed Katie's legs and dragged her towards the back rooms. That was creepy. And not to mention, the last part really did spice the whole thing up. I'm not gonna elaborate here, you have to watch it for yourself. =)

You can view the review here.

But all i can say is that the first one hour was kinda bored la. As usual, it keeps you anxious and wondering what's gonna happen next. A small warning/reminder : the handy cam effect can seriously cause dizziness and headache. And thank you very much to Ah Yat, those poking-ings really did helped alot! urgh. Basically i was hiding under my jacket, and kept on peeping the screen when it comes to the time where the couple gonna sleep. =P

I'm done for the day. See, i told ya it's gonna be a good year! =D Prays that its getting better everyday.

It's about high time to watch Avatar with the friends! woohoo!

Nitey nite nite! *smoochies*

I feel like i'm surrounded by guardian angels.


Melissa said...

Cool! I was there too, but the movie did give me a really bad headache :( I have to say that they did make it look real..haha

JenKin Yat said... linkback wo..dun pwey pwey =D