Thursday, January 7, 2010

Instant creamy mushroom soup to the rescue!

What a boring night. Just did a lil of assignment for Human Comm, and got really pissed off. Tried uploading pictures for my aunt, but the damn connection is pissing me off too. So decided to have a instant hot cup of creamy mushroom soup. At least it makes me feel much better. *yummay* Never ever buy Vono, it's very watery so always stick to Campbell. =)

Everyone's like having fun in Ne-Yo's concert. And maybe i shall just hit the sack. And maybe, just maybe read some books or mags. I guess Paranormal Activity did affect my sleep a little. Woke up in the middle of the night and heard some weird noises. FML. But don't give a damn, so went back to sleep.

Btw, i don't know why i feel the pressure yet fun and interesting in Human Comm's class. Maybe it's just me, i dislike impromptu sessions. I totally dislike the feeling of being asked a few questions and being expected to squeeze all the juice out of my brain to get the answers right. I dislike being thrown a three hundred words question and ended up with only three words answer. I dislike public speaking nor debating. Yes, i have stage fright. Now you know. And it's like a compulsive disorder or something. I get super duper nervous, legs and hands start trembling and i'll shiver. Eff my life. But someday somehow i have to get over this. And hopefully by being forced, i'll get to overcome this. =)

And well, with a nice malay male lecturer that goes "How do you like my hair? I dyed it for RM96 you know! (while stroking his brown hair)" will seriously make you laugh because you were listening so attentively to his lecture and half way thru he'll change topic out of a sudden. And oh, CC-fied ppl are nice. They are superbly nice and i mean it. In a nice way this time i swear. =P

Off to slumber! Tata!

Why am i always so hungry?

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