Monday, January 4, 2010

Thank you for the pleasant surprise.

It's the first Monday for the year two oh one oh. Traffic was not so congested on the highway but superbly congested outside the college. As usual double parking, some even did triple parking wtf. Brainless? Felt a lil uneasy to see so many people in the college, so many new faces and it was so packed everywhere. End up spent bout an hour plus in Top Gear. Shhh. Don't tell mummy. She thought i was in the library. haha.

But went to college is totally a huge mistake. Wasted my time. Lecturer did not even enter the class. And God knows who is the lecturer also. Make sure it's Tomi since everyone got A+ for last sem. =P

Then went home and picked up mummy, then went to college again to pay fees. I know, last minute. Human will never ever work their ass out till the very last minute ain't? Tsk tsk.

As i said 2010 is gonna be a good year and it's only the 5th day and i'm so happy now! All thanks to the oh-so-kind boss for getting me my own domain page! All i asked was how much is he paying for his website and wa-lah in less than 24 hours he bought But this sneaky bugger has his own intention. I gotta bring him out once. lol. No wonder. XD

Neway, hopefully things gonna be good and for the better.

I'll end this post with a delayed pic. =)

All smiles.

What a pleasant surprise.

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