Thursday, January 27, 2011

Church Wedding on 01.01.11.

Finally had the time to blog about the wedding project that was held on the 1st of Jan! :D

This is gonna be a brief one because i gotta get back to my ASS-ignments or else i won't get to celebrate Chinese New Year. Tsktsk.

Date: 1.1.11
Venue: The Life Chapel, PJ.

The bridal's posy.

The bridesmaid posies.

The flowergirl posies.

There are a total of 7 hand bouquets if i'm not mistaken.

The groom's corsage.

Gerberas on chair pews.

Stand near altar.

The bridal car - Estima.

So yeap, my aunt is a home-based wedding planner/event-coordinator, and somehow by helping her in all these projects, i'd somehow developed some passion in this line. But the problem is, i don't really have the talent and creativity to do all the flower arrangements. Patience needed and it's a very delicate work. Still learning. ;)

Flowers make me happieeeeeeee!

This. still. means. a. lot. to. me.


You're incredibly insane.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Premiere Screening of The Green Hornet @ Mid Valley.

Date : 24th January 2011
Venue : GSC Mid Valley
Time : 9pm

In this incarnation of The Green Hornet, the story centers on Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) who inherits after his father's estate after his death caused by a bee stung. Forming a friendship with his father's mechanic/coffee maker Kato (Jay Chou), they both set up to become heroes using each others strengths. (Kato has amazing fighting skills and a technical expert while Britt has all the money to fund in their actions). Britt came to know that his father was paranoid about security and has had Kato to build some pretty hardcore defenses into "Black Beauty".

With both of them feeling the need for some excitement, they decided to form a crime-fighting duo. But in order to make it more effective, they decided to help people by being the 'good guys' is by becoming the bad guys. While their goal is to disrupt gang crime in LA, they draw the attention of an old school crime boss named Chudnovsky (Christoph Waltz). Chudnovsky is as dangerous as ever because he feels like he's losing respect and authority among the crime bosses in the area.

Also drawn in was Cameron Diaz who stars as Britt's secretary, who indirectly helped in their actions because Britt and Kato were totally clueless about criminal minds and she happens to be very well versed in that based on her degree in journalism.

Obviously, the ending would be predictable. But i would leave that to you guys to watch it. Movie will be officially out in cinemas on this coming Thursday, 27th of Jan.

Btw, if you guys didn't know, Stephen Chow was originally brought in and star as Kato and would be directing as well. But a few months passed, Stephen Chow was not going to direct due to creative differences but would still play Kato. A few more weeks gone by, Stephen Chow completely bowed out of the project.

Have you wondered how would the movie be like if Stephen Chow was the director? Haha.

Feel free to watch the trailer here. =)

Honestly i went in expecting a clunky, overly simple written plot with bad puns but it turns out to be quite entertaining. And despite Jay's limitations in speaking English fluently, i think he really deserves a pat at the back.

I would say that there's nothing to hate about this movie and nor there's anything to love either. It's just a typical superhero comedy and if you're expecting Seth Rogen to be someone really great, don't.

At least it did blew my mind at some scenes.

PS: If you're a diehard fan of Jay Chou, do NOT leave the cinema during the closing credits. Do NOT. =)

Again, thanks to Jackie for the passes. =)


Use me as you will,
Pull my string just for a thrill.
And i know i'll be okay,
Though my skies are turning grey.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A summer fling.

Dear you,

"Thank you for bringing happiness into my life by being you."

Yours sincerely.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Naan of Mai Businees rox! :D

Ello guys!

I feel as if i'd neglected my blog for weeks even though the fact is that i didn't blog for FIVE days only heh. =P

I guess most of you would've known by now that Naan of Mai Business got first runner-up in the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race and got ourselves a HTC 7 Mozart each! *claps*

This is extremely surreal. *pinching myself*

Yours truly with Ken, Jieyi and Jackie.

Just a little update on the race because i've repeated the entire scenario to so many people so i might as well just do it all at once here. ;)

Basically this is what we have to do;

a) Coordinates are given to find the marshall.
b) Clues are given by the marshall to find the respective restaurant in 1km radius.
c) Eat, blog, showed to the marshall and next clues were given.
d) Continue the same routine until the 5th destination then back to Modesto's.

*The first 5 teams to reach at the restaurant will gain 10 points, next 5 is 8 points and last 5 is 6 points.

*Extra points are given for tweetering and blogs that will make the judges salivate. That explains why i had constant status updates in my Twitter and Facebook. (Sorry if some of you guys find that rather disturbing.) C=

After the briefing from Niki Cheong the emcee and Mr. YC from Maxis, the race was flagged off at 10.40am sharp from Modesto's CapSquare.

We were well-equipped with an iPhone 3gs, a laptop and a Maxis modem to help us in completing the race but daym, i've never seen such crappy effinglysuperblylaggy laptop in my entire life before. That was when we wasted so much time in the first pit-stop because we couldn't even blog. Was the fourth to reach but the last few to leave the place.

Fortunately, Jie Yi's house was rather nearby so while Jackie and myself were struggling with the lappy, she and Ken went home to grab her bling bling laptop. :D

Got to our second pit-stop, came in 10th. Lost 2 points, but its ok. We told ourselves that we gotta blog properly and make it a compulsory that each of us gotta tweet and update FB status as well.

*Can you imagine us running like mad cows in Sunway Pyramid? Was drenched in sweat when we reached Tarbush. And I swear that's the best Middle-Eastern Restaurant i've tried so far because the last time i tried around The Mines area was...speechless. Ha. Ha.

Then we got to our third pit-stop, came in 7th. 'Not too bad,' we thought. Again, we did all that we could and flew to the fourth pit-stop. Surprisingly, we came in fourth!

Thank God for Ken, who knows like almost every corner around Klang Valley. He's the best navigator, better than GPS. The moment he key in the coordinates, he knows exactly where the place is. Then we have Jackie, the genius for solving most of the clues and VERY sneaky. ( Inside joke) and we have JieYi and myself as the runners. =D

Then we got to our fifth pit-stop and guess what? We came in third! We had approx 30 mins to do everything before we head back to Modesto's. This last pit-stop was the bomb! Place was awesome, food was incredibly delicious. Service was decent as well. If only we had the time to finish everything and order more of that dessert. Yummmmmms!

We reached Modesto's just on time at 5.35pm and was the fifth to reach! Why i say just on time is because we were supposed to reach by 5.40pm and if you're late, marks will be deducted for every 5 minutes. Heheh. Not bad eyh.

Hold on, not done yet. We still had individual task to do which was the Food Tasting session. We need to guess all the ingredients in that dish and the person who got the most ingredients correct, get to win vouchers to dine in Modesto's. Apparently two guys got the vouchers. Couldn't agree more when Niki said men make the best chefs. Heheh.

*i think it's mozarella cheese*

Then the prize giving ceremony! Was soooooooooo surprised when team Naan of Mai Business was called as the first runner-up! It was beyond our expectation seriously.


All hard work paid off! Including praying to the Naan God LOL. (Inside joke again)
Once again, congrats dears! Great job! It was such a splendid experience. All the jokes, laughters, whining and SCREAMING was such memorable. Most importantly, we really did enjoy ourselves! Hoping for more races like this! :D

Not to forget, a big thank you to Nuffnang and Maxis for organizing such awesome event!

; Pictures are grabbed from Ken and Jackie. :D

Nitey nite nite!


What is it that i'm actually waiting for?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race.

Dancing Fish @ Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Woohhoo! It’s our last stop!

Wait, lemme have my meal first (: *drools* (CWKen find it rather disturbing when this appear in his blog)

- After 20minutes –

Yummmsss !!! *muahs!*

We LOVE the environment here.



The place is very posh, cosy, quiet and comfortable. If you fancy a quiet and peaceful dinner with your family or friends, this is a place to be. 5 stars rating for the environment.

We are first served with Nasi Putih & Nasi Kuning to go with the main course.


First dish served was the Emping with Sambal Terasi as appetizer. It has a bitter-ish aftertaste but after dipping it with the sambal (with lime squeezed), i swear you’ll be in cloud nine! :D


Next we had their signature dish, Ikan Seabass Bakar, that is charcoal grilled to perfection. The seabass was caught straight from the tank and is basted with their special BBQ sauce. It’s Jieyi's & Ken’s favorite!


Then we had Cha kangkung (Bandung Style). They use young kangkung fried with tauceo (soy bean paste), onions and fresh chillies. As they recommended, it is best accompaniment for their signature dish, Ikan Seabass Bakar.


Owh great, I bet you’re drooling right now. :P

Lastly, we’re served with 2 desserts, Cendol and Lemongrass Jelly with Sour Plum Burst and Crispy Fruit Roll!!!!!! Phewwww the name itself is so damn long! But trust me! Once u taste the super nice Lemongrass Jelly with Sour Plum Burst and Crispy Fruit Roll you're gonna love it! The Crispy Fruit Roll has red beans and banana filling. *two thumbs up*

Like the way Jieyi kept on licking her lips.



If you feel the burning desire to fulfill your hunger with mouth watering fish, they are located at:

Lot T120, T121 & T122,
285, Jalan Maarof, 3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race.

Thai Base Restaurant @ Jalan Tanjung.

Oh em gee! Blurry eyes now! Clue was a tough one but we managed to solve it and got back on track! We are currently now in Thai Base Restaurant, nom-ing yummy thai food!

It’s upstairs, so it’s kinda hard to find. Be sure to open your eyes big yah! :P

The ambiance. Very cooling and cozy.

Butter Prawns.

Food was already served on the table upon our arrival. It wasn’t too oily (it’s never easy to find great butter prawns around) and the prawns are fresh and big. :D

Pineapple Fried Rice.

Obviously everyone knows that this is nothing strange. Thai is always popular for their Pineapple Fried Rice. It’s decent and nothing to shout about. The cashew nuts just blend in so well with it.

For all Thai food lovers out there, you may include this place as your little food paradise!!


Thai Base Restaurant
No. 7-8, Jalan Tanjung SD13/2
Bandar Sri Damansara.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Maxis Om Nom Nom Race.

Hj. Samuri Sate Kajang @ Uptown Damansara.

This is getting interesting!

We are here at Uptown Damansara nom-ing some really awesomely delicious satay! You don’t need to travel all the way to Kajang because you can get these just right here!


We ordered chicken, lamb, beef and deer meat.


Yummy much!! *nomnomnom* Are you drooling yet?

But nothing beat the sauce!

And ken actually lovvveeesss it so much!


Look at his expression! Priceless! :P

So what are you waiting for?

Check it out at :

Sate Kajang HJ.Samuri

MKTG SDN BHD No.79&79M JLN ss21/31,

Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya


Tel: 03-77105318

Maxis Om Nom Nom Race.

Tarbush @ Sunway Pyramid.

So with the help of GPS coordinates, we’re here now at Tarbush, Sunway Pyramid! Seriously, we literally ran around the whole mall to find this place but now that we’re here, we’re really enjoying the food.


Honestly, it's not easy to find this place because it's located in some small lane in between the shops. We actually ran like a big circle, kept on looking for the lot number, ran up and down, wasted some time until we finally made it. Hah.


Tarbush is a posh Middle Eastern Restaurant that has established a good rapport with various organizations and sector in the country. It has a very meticulous interior with exotic decoration and with the list of menus, you will definitely have an unforgettable meal.

We were welcomed with various food served on the table.

For starters, we had Arabic Salad. It is the combination of Sumak, a flowering herb and green salads. It’s very flavorful, with the right touch of lemon juice and olive oil.


Then we have the main dish. It’s called Lamb Cubes. The lamb is marinated and grilled to perfection and comes with French fries as well.


For dessert, we had Cream Caramel. The taste is not too sweet, just nice. =)


All in all, we recommend you guys to come here if you’re a fan of Middle Eastern food because honestly, this is one of the best in town!


LG2 -123,
Sunway Pyramid
For any inquiries, you can visit

; Fyi, there's also Tarbush Express in Sunway itself. :)

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race.

Strawberry Fields Cafe @ Jalan Tengah, PJ.

Whoops! #Naanofmaibusiness is now at Strawberry Fields for our very first station. Yum yummss ! The race was flagged off at 10.40am this morning and with the help of GPS coordinates, we were lead to the Marshall and with the clue, here we are!


We were served with Butter Cream Chicken, Thai style Fried Meehoon and Sago Gula Melaka.


The interior of the café.


Butter Cream Chicken Rice.

@CWKen, a hardcore butter cream dish lover, actually finished the whole plate! It’s so creamy and yummy and thick in taste and very appetizing ! We strongly recommend it to all butter cream dish lovers out there. :P


Thai Style Fried Meehoon.

Honestly, it’s a lil too spicy for most of us but definitely satisfies spicy food lovers. It is very tasty and it is fried close to perfection. Many places serve their mee hoon either too dull or dry.


Sago Gula Melaka.

It’s very smooth and yummy. The combination of gula Melaka and sago just make this whole dessert a perfect dish for everyone.

Oh gawd, we were the 4th to arrive but the last four to leave. Crappy lappy! Time to catch up!

Following is the address;

Starwberry Fields
Jalan Tengah, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Lot 14, Ground Floor, Jalan Tengah
46200 PJ.