Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Great news!

Vaseline has just come out with their new body lotion range catering to different skin needs to keep your skin moist all the time. Best of all, in collaboration with Nuffnang, Vaseline is having a contest especially for us Nuffnangers and we could easily win cash prizes up to RM7k. All you need to do is to blog about how moist are you and the best 75 written posts will get a chance to indulge themselves with sophistication at the cocktail party @ Luna Bar. Watcha waiting for? Head on to their site here for more info! =D

Here goes mine.

As all of us know, the skin is the largest organ of the body. And all the time, if not most of the time, we tend to neglect every other parts of our body as we only concentrate more on our face. Face toner, moisturizer, anti-wrinkle creams are ain't no common thing for us; especially the females.

But what we didn't know is that our other parts of the body is equally as important as well. Places like in between the fingers and toes are the most common areas to be dry, flaky and peeled off. Or in other word, the dead skin. Negligence to tiny places like these can cause itchiness and it can be a real nuisance. Not to forget, the palm of your hands. Imagine if it's dry and you start shaking everyone's hand during a gathering. Somehow, somewhat, you'll feel the embarrassment, no?

For myself, i would consider the back as another important place that should be taken care of. I love wearing tank tops and bare backs and it wouldn't be a good thing if people start looking at your back to find out that it's full with dry flaky skins or pimples and what not. I'm not saying that we have to apply lotions on the back everyday because one, its difficult to reach the back and two, typical excuse; laziness. But every once in a while, it's good to pamper your skin because it deserves to be treated that way. Ohh yeahhh!

So if you're having dry skins and you've tried all sorts of lotions but comes to no avail, fret not. Because Vaseline is here to safe you from all your hassles!

Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue and Aloe Cool and Fresh.

Now you can ditch all your other lotions and opt for these new babies!

So am i moist enough? Definitely! Because there's no white lines appear when i scratch my skin. It only turns pinkish. :D And there's no itchiness, no flaky skins, and friends love to hold my hands as they always say that my hand feels like tau fu.

Now tell me am i moist enough? Ahhhhhhhhhh. :)

To Vaseline and Nuffnang, thank you for another great opportunity! *keeping my fingers crossed now* Mwahs! :D

I'll end this post with simple steps to a great looking skin;

#1. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin moist, supple and refreshed. Hydrated skin = moist skin.
#2. Have sufficient sleep as sleep gives the body time to restore itself and and re-energized the body's organs and skin.
#3. Use sun protection.
#4. Give your body some quick adrenaline rush by exercising.
#5. Apply lotions/ moisturizer while your skin is damp and warm. After bath time is the prime time to do so.

Now enjoy your smooth and moist skin!

Moist like a sponge. Moist like spongebob squarepants! :D



Tzee Hui said...

sure win lar omg my post can't even beat yours. Reminds me huh, I didn't even answer the question, ARE YOU MOIST ENOUGH. FML harrrrrd.

Sophia Lai said...

Come on, yours is waaaay better than mine! Now just hope that both of us get the invitations! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

All the best and good luck (:

Sophia Lai said...

Thanks hilda! ;)

Ms Ave T said...

Great post and all the best for the comp! do check out my entry as well! :D

Miss Ave T

Serge Norguard said...

nice one

Sophia Lai said...

Thank you Ms Ave T and Serge! :)