Friday, September 10, 2010

Let's see what life has got to offer.


So this is basically what we did for the day. Nothing much, but had a great time with the family.

We baked mooncakes!

If you realized, to buy a piece of mooncake now from those supermarkets will easily cost you at least RM12-15. But today, we'd made a total of around 45 pieces of mooncakes to be given out to relatives and friends and our costings were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than you can imagine.

There's pure lotus, pandan, red bean and mixed nuts.
Looking forward to Mooncake Festival already! =D

Then we had dinner in some restaurant called MYC @ Kepong which serves amazingly delicious food to satisfy the big tummy of mine. Their specialties include grape wine marmite pork, steam fish, and crabbies to name a few. Didn't take much pics cause' as usual, i was busy gobbling up the food. But i'll salivate you with two pics.

Salted egg crabby.

Crabby in sweet n sour sauce. Comes with sweet buns too!
The meat was 'bouncing'! Yeah, you get what i mean. =)

Tomorrow will be another long day with the family at Kuala Selangor. Do come back for more updates!

P/S: I know my blog has double headers and double posts. Do bear with me for a lil while more yah cause' i'm still opting for a much simpler one! Will fix it by Monday i hope.

*big warm teddy hugs*



It still feels like the first kiss together.

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