Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nasty bed bugs are nasty | What should you do if you are the unlucky one.

This post is not for the faint hearted.

Ok, strike that out cause' i think everyone should be aware of this. :)

Few days ago i was attacked bitten by those nasty bed bugs which i either sort of brought it back home here or have already been bitten but did not realized it until like 3 days after the trip.

It was a project assigned to us by this subject called Pop Culture and we were supposed to experience the backpackers life and so on where we decided to stay in a cheap dormitory at only RM 15 per bed per night. Reviews posted about the place were good and no doubt that it was a pleasure having to meet with backpackers from different countries and as well as great hospitality from the guest house itself nonetheless. 

Unfortunately, i've should've known better and should've taken precautions when we were invited up to see our beds.

It was still acceptable tho a lil' dodgy and i remember seeing the fans (no air-con) were literally covered in thick dust but it was then being cleaned so no biggie i thought. Anyways it is only 3 nights stay and since we will be spending most of the time outside, we tried our level best to save up as much as we can.

Back to the topic, my rashes started from what looks similar to mosquito bites just that it was in a row of about two to three. The most frightening part of all was when i woke up one early morning due to extreme itch and to find really huge big red patches especially on my legs (near the ankles) and a few more red bumps here and there on my hands. 

At least it didn't look THAT scary now after the injection two days back and it slowly starting to subside tho i still feel the itch every now and then. 

* Just a lil' short tips on the MYTHS AND TREATMENTS just in case if you're bitten by these nasty bugs (in no particular order);

#1. Wash your clothes, bags and whatever stuffs that you brought home with HOT water. 

#2. These bugs will eventually die (or maybe not die but crawls away) when they are exposed to hot sun hence, if possible, sun your mattresses and plush toys or anything that accumulate dust to destroy em'.

#3. They love warm and dark places and normally can be found at the seams of the bed / backpack. (i found none tho or maybe they're just too tiny to be seen)

#4. Very active at night. And that's why i felt EXTREME itch during the first few midnights.

#5. Bring along mosquito repellent and disinfectant spray when you're travelling. 

#6. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the infection and varies from person to person. (i think mine is still considered mild cause' i've got a group member who actually have rashes literally all over her both hands and legs. way way scarier than mine situation)

#7. Doctors actually could not be 100% sure about your rashes. It might be an allergic reaction. So be sure to tell them what happened. I've a doctor who told me 'only be afraid if its scabies'. Oh, fuck.

#8. Go get a injection if the itchiness is too severe. It helps a whole lot. I could not remember when was the last time i got injected at the butt hah!

#9. Doctor will normally give you pills and lotion (somewhat like calamine) to reduce itchiness. 

#10. NO seafood and NO scratching no matter how itchy it is. It will only cause you double or triple the itch and there is a possible secondary skin infection if severe.

Truth is, the fault might not be entirely on the cleanliness of the hostel itself but it might cause from the fellow backpackers who are constantly travelling around the world. There are tonnes of backpackers that check in and out every day and you don't know what kind of parasites that they might bring and spread em' around in the hostel. Then again, hostel owners themselves should also be constantly keeping their place free from these parasites. 

Lesson learnt; never will i want to stay in cheap dorms any more. Its gruesome. And i'm being paranoid to the extend that i kept thinking the bugs are somewhat still lingering in my room lol. Can't stop wiping and vacuum-ing my room for the past 3 days. A good reason to spring clean my room just before CNY haha!

Put that all aside, i hope that these rashes will recover soon before CNY. And with that, i hope no Monday blues for you people who are working out there despite the rather gloomy weather. Cheers to a great Monday ahead. ;)

With love,