Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's 3.30am? WHAT?

I've gained weight!

Hahaha, wtf this is so damn random but it's the fact! Every part of me are so extremely flabby now that i could even hardly feel the pain when i knocked into something. Pain receptors gone cuckoo thanks to the amount of fats thats surrounding em'. Wait, does that even makes sense? Hmm.

Come to think about it, i can be considered as a very lucky girl because of all the love that is constantly showered on me; the happiness that is surrounding me; the laughters and joy that some will not get to experience for it is beyond their reach.

Thus, i thank all those who never once thought of giving up hopes on me; i thank for all the people that i've known throughout my life; and i thank those that made my life such a colorful one (pun intended).

For the fact that without all of you people, my life wouldn't be as interesting as it is right now. =)

So i thank you, thank you for appearing in my life. ;)


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh hi! *waves*

Oh-em-gee i couldn't believe that i'm finally on my blog again. *pops confetti* wtf. I'm supposed to be totally, like damngawdfreakingtotally focusing on my ASS-gnments right now but probably i should just spend a couple of minutes updating my oh-so-long-neglected blog. *tears of joy* wtf.

So yeap, i'm still alive people!! *waves* :D

As cliche as it may sound, i am dreading all these assignments that are piling up like no one's business. Really, it gets so frustrating at times when you're all so pumped to start your assignments, but something just gotta stop you from doing it. Like let say, the aroma of coffee that is for sure irresistible. And the sounds of people munching on your favorite potato chips like wtf stop stealing my snacks pls! =/ All these kindda like *pulls* you away from your lappy. =(

So yeap, once again, i succumbed myself to all things unhealthy and i can't help but to procrastinate. To cut things short, i am just plain LAZY i know. And this, only my boyf knows me best! LOL! Yet, i'm still doing good. ALL GOOD. So chillax chillax! =)

Anyways, there was a special occasion that our family had two days back. Finally, our grown-up Vivienne is married! It was the first time i personally experienced the *torturous* moments between the *sisters* from the girl's side and *brothers* from the boy's side. Good experience tho! Hope they didn't suffer from purging after that. Teeeheee.

Bride's team VS Groom's team.
Of course we won! =D

The very tired-looking face.
Eye bags were horrendous i tell you!
But of course worth waking up early for! Once in a lifetime yo!

All in all, it was a fun day filled with smiles, laughters, tears of joy and what not. It's been awhile that the family gathered for such auspicious occasions. Congrats to the both love birds again and i shall continue updating about the wedding in the next post. =)

Toodles for now! *blow kisses*