Friday, August 31, 2012

Supermum and Dad with their Lil' Ones. =)

Just saw a cat roaming around the streets just now and i have this sudden urge to blog about the kitties in my grandparents' house back in Malacca!

They are stray cats but they're like a family to my grands. It's really adorable when they were 'meowing' for food when they know its lunch/dinner time by waiting outside the grill.

Last year, the supermum gave birth to a few kittens but i only had like two pics of em' back then.

That is the supermum with its super playful kitten.

No idea why i only have this kitten's pic in my phone but i guess cause' only this one attracts me.

I kindda made a string ball and played with it. It is super playful and it kepts on catching the string ball and bites it. Super chio can!

Then a few weeks back when we returned back to my hometown, we found out that the supermum gave birth to lil' kitties again! I have pics when they were about 2 weeks old but they're all in the boyf's phone so i'm just gonna show you pics of them that is around 2 months old. =)

The kitten on the left is half-blinded (named it Winky) and i think that cat on the right is their dad lol.

Btw, the 'dad' has a very bushy tail for some reasons.

Winky is always sticking to its mum for milk. This shot was taken on a very lazy afternoon.

When food is served, no matter you're old or young, its still first come first serve policy. 

How many cats can you spot? ;)

This cat is super naughty, mischievous and aggressive. 
It literally stares at you and 'rawrs' at you and then run to hide. 
It literally looks like this when it 'rawrs';

Somewhat funny cause' it was showing his power but at the same time went and run to hide.

This is Winky, the half-blinded kitty. 
The left eye looks like it's winking right? Teehee. So adorable but so sad that the mum has to always lick the eye. I think it somewhat helps to regain/improves the kitties' eyesight bit by bit.

Forever sucking on milk. =)

This supermum has already been preggie for a few times already. The population is getting higher and higher! LOL.

The pussy is licking its pussy;

 Till then, have a great weekend ahead!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bangkok Through My Lens - The Land of Thousand Smiles. =)

Am back!!
Bangkok was incredible, clubbing was ze awesome and part-time job was great.
Too bad, i'm down with flu and sore throat and i could feel fever is on its way so just bear with me teehee.

It's the last week of our semester break and i would not want to spend this last week of joy having to survive all these sickness. Rest and eating med on time is all i need now. =)

Anyways, lets get down to business. ;)

If you know me well, you would have known that I LOVE clouds. I love those large, puffy cumulus clouds that looks like cotton candy and it also gave me a kind of feeling in finding peace within myself, somehow.

This shot was taken when we were heading to Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand.

#1. Our hotel room.

Hotel S33 Compact.
Situated at Sukhumvit 33. 

Bro booked the size L room. 
(approx. 1,600 baht per night)

We actually had a slight miscommunication with the hotel management. We did not know that the maximum number of people for per room is only 3 and they wanted to charge us an additional of 1,800 baht for my brother and myself but they are only able to give us one extra bed. A lil' ridiculous cause' if you can see from the pic above, that super huge bed is more than enough to accommodate 3 ppl and the other one can just sleep on the long couch. But it is their POLICY. It is way different than that of our country because basically we don't care about how many ppl we wanna squeeze in.

End up, after wasting about an hour in the lobby, (mind you it was already like 8pm and we were so hungry after the flight and car ride) we finally reached to a decision whereby they only charge us an additional of 900 baht and the following nights we need to get another room (size M) with a discounted rate at about 1,200 baht if im not mistaken.

Well, what we think is that they have this policy is to make sure all of their guests stay comfortably. But trust me, even we have to squeeze the four of us in that room, it is more than comfy and spacious enough. Plus, it is one of the cheapest and decent hotel you can find in Bangkok cause' most of the other high-end ones are at least 3,000 baht and above.

This is our size M room. Another person could actually sleep on the long couch as well lol.

Super clean toilet. But i dislike the glassed door. My mum was peeping on me in the shower the first night and she said she saw everything. T__T There's a hole at the side where you can actually peep into. FML.

American breakfast served by the hotel. Its the same every morning. I actually preferred American breakfast instead of all the rice and whatsoever heavy meals early in the morning. Teehee. Healthy breakfast all the way yo! Plus, those danish pastries are realllllly good. 

#2. Food for Thought.

Food that you can find along the streets and food you can't find here in Malaysia (some of it).

This is the night after we checked-in. Too hungry so we just settle for some Thai food nearby our hotel. They pretty much tasted the same like what we have here in KL and roughly about the same price too but just look at the ambiance. *two thumbs up* They call it a fine dining restaurant.

Pad thai! 
My favourite! If you like char kuey teow, then you might like this. It's the sweet version of our char kuey teow. A must try when you step your feet in the land of thousand smiles. And those pork sausages are so yummmmay. 

Omg coconuts there are so cheap. 15 baht for the super fragrant coconut. I don't know how many we've bought during the entire trip teehee.

Samurai pork burger ftw!! This definitely you can't get in KL. Such succulent pork patty that you just can't resist. *salivates*

Found a pretty good Japanese bakery in Emporium shopping complex that is situated about 15-minutes walk away from our hotel.

They serve really good cream puffs; strawberry, chocolate, green tea, milk, etc.

I personally love this green tea. The fresh cream filling's so super duper yummay that you just can't help but to get another one. I don't mind having this everyday tho hehehe.

I was so happy too that i found my best stall of all! I love milk! And everything here is made up of milk omg jumps in joy.

Milk tablets that i've been looking for so loooooooog. I don't know why but i find it hard to find good milk tablets anywhere else. 

Milk cravings satisfied! Ice-creams are the bomb! I'm a happy kid! :D

Emporium is one happening shopping complex. All the food galore are situated inside the mall. Such heavenly. =)

The best of all would be their hospitality. The Thais are really friendly. Most of em'. Glad that they are willing to help, unlike this stuck-up country that is ruling by bollocks. =(

Neways, part 2 of Bangkok trip soon!

I'm sorry guys but i gtg. I hope i don't bore you and if you've read up to this end, i thank you for reading and you deserve a pat at the back. =) Will blog more about it soon!

Just in case if you forget how i look like haha! Jkjk =)

Have a goodnight and Happy 55th Independence Day!! *smooches*


Friday, August 17, 2012

The Epitome of An Ideal Getaway - Gold Coast Morib Resort.

Hello folks!
The title says it all!
I believe for those that has been following my Twitter and Instagram (sophia_suefei), most of you would have know that i went for a short getaway with dearest le fatty boyf of mine for a two days and one night in Gold Coast Morib Resort!

We actually bought it from which i will further elaborate on it later. 
(the current deal that is being offered now is better so read on!)

 Here's what i think about our lil 'sweet escapade;

Otw there! So excited! 
The journey took about an hour and fifteen minutes from Cheras.

#1. The Room - Studio Suite.

As particular as i am about rooms, i actually quite like the room because the most important thing is it's CLEAN. It is tiled floors hence, there is no weird stench like what we usually experience from carpeted hotel rooms.

They gave us the two single beds cause we requested for the theme park view. Obviously we were told that we could combine the beds together so that i could hug my fatty boyf to sleep lol wtf.

I was actually expecting a smaller room but it turns out to be spacious for a studio suite. To top that, there's fan and AC so for those that is sensitive to AC like me, you can turn on the fan instead. So yeay! I am satisfied with the room and now the next important thing is the toilet!

I apologize as i did not take a full view of the toilet so i hope you have a very good imagination lol.
That's the jacuzzi (you don't say haha!) and then if you can imagine, opposite of the jacuzzi is the glassed shower room, toilet bowl and the sink. Basically as you enter the toilet, on your right is the sink, the toilet bowl, the shower room and opposite of all of that is this jacuzzi. Lol, i hope i don't confuse you but well, the only issue we have here is the toilet bowl could not be flushed properly and the side nozzles of the jacuzzi ain't working.

#2. Water Theme Park.

Took this pic from Google cause' the one i took from our balcony is in le boyf's phone fml lol.

Basically this is the view of the theme park from our balcony. Not much things actually. Just the slides, the lazy pool, and some kiddy area. We were actually quite upset cause' we did not get to play the big slides. WHY THE HECK DID YOU GUYS ONLY OPEN IT IN THE EVENING?! Other slides ain't thrilling enough. =(

If you purchase this deal, the tag can be used for both days. =)

#3. All-terrain Vehicle (ATV)

We paid RM50 for this for a 30-minutes ride. Two persons on a bike.

I find it a lil' expensive but it was worth it cause' it was my first time and it's fun!

Told my boyf that i wanted to try to make a heart shape but obviously, that didn't work. Too difficult to control cause' it's fast.

30-minutes felt like 10-minutes. 

It would be better if the beach is in a better condition. I mean, there's lots of crows. Like really really a lot. Plus, the beach is like....muddy. I don't know how to describe it. I was actually hoping for sun rise/ sun set but it was like...a single tone. No clouds just plain looking gloomy sky.

#4. Place to chill at night - The Pier.

This is the only place to chill and drink at night, by the beach.

There's also live band performance by The Resonanz (i hope i got the spelling right) where they sang pretty good oldies and love songs.


This small bottle cost almost RM17 fol.

Thank goodness we were smart enough to buy two big bottles and chips before we started our journey teehee!

So basically the trip is about relaxation. A good getaway just to spend some quality time with your love one. Plus, the deal is really really good. The CURRENT deal is even better.

The deal that we bought was RM188 WITHOUT free ATV or motorized bicycle ride. We have to fork out RM50 for the ATV hence, that makes our trip to RM 238. But the current deal is only RM198 including the ATV! Like damn freaking affordable right! 

Hurry! There's only two hours left!
(It was supposingly to end last night but the deal is still on so grab it quick!)

Btw, i have to mention this beforehand. I actually killed two flies in our room and during the dinner buffet, there were flies flying around the uncovered food. The noodles section especially. So just be alert. =)

Other than that, we actually have a great  time together. A lil' getaway from the busy city of KL is soooooooo good.

Just incase if you're wondering where this place is;

Gold Coast Morib Resort
PT 294, Kawasan Kanchong Laut, Morib Beach, 
42700 Banting, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

It is actually quite deep in. You needa go through kampung areas and tiny roads. I don't know if there is any newer road that leads to the resort but i suggest you to use GPS for shorter route in the kampung.

Try downloading Waze, we actually cut short our journey by 20+ KM. =)

Till then, i needa start packing again!

Have a good night!

With love,