Tuesday, August 7, 2012

By far the best and also the most stressful semester ever!

We are on our one month semester break woohoo!!
*pops confetti*

This sem was not easy. Being in Year 3 is definitely way harder than anyone could thought of. 
But really, maybe because it was a reallllll stressful ride and hence, time seems to pass really fast this time around. 3 months has gone by so quickly.
I still vividly remember the first few days of this semester where i was complaining to the boyf about having to wake so early for 8am classes. (its been awhile since we last had 8am classes you see)
And so, he was being extremely supportive and managed to keep me calm for the entire semester by sending me to uni almost every morning even though his classes is at noon. Such a loveydovey he is. =')

We have indeed built a very close bond this semester. We laughed, cried and get scolded together.

Partly also cause' most of them are graduating soon hence, the melancholy.

This is by far the best semester i had and also by far the most stressful one.
I'm glad that we got this semester done and over with. 
Two more semesters to go till' i'm out from this college.
Honestly, it kindda scares me. Working life is no fun besides having to earn your own money. But the thought of working like 9 hours per day really make me think that life is no easy-peasy.
There is no such thing as taking the easy way out.
Embrace every moment!!

Till then, lovelies. Thank you for all the memories. =)


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