Friday, August 31, 2012

Supermum and Dad with their Lil' Ones. =)

Just saw a cat roaming around the streets just now and i have this sudden urge to blog about the kitties in my grandparents' house back in Malacca!

They are stray cats but they're like a family to my grands. It's really adorable when they were 'meowing' for food when they know its lunch/dinner time by waiting outside the grill.

Last year, the supermum gave birth to a few kittens but i only had like two pics of em' back then.

That is the supermum with its super playful kitten.

No idea why i only have this kitten's pic in my phone but i guess cause' only this one attracts me.

I kindda made a string ball and played with it. It is super playful and it kepts on catching the string ball and bites it. Super chio can!

Then a few weeks back when we returned back to my hometown, we found out that the supermum gave birth to lil' kitties again! I have pics when they were about 2 weeks old but they're all in the boyf's phone so i'm just gonna show you pics of them that is around 2 months old. =)

The kitten on the left is half-blinded (named it Winky) and i think that cat on the right is their dad lol.

Btw, the 'dad' has a very bushy tail for some reasons.

Winky is always sticking to its mum for milk. This shot was taken on a very lazy afternoon.

When food is served, no matter you're old or young, its still first come first serve policy. 

How many cats can you spot? ;)

This cat is super naughty, mischievous and aggressive. 
It literally stares at you and 'rawrs' at you and then run to hide. 
It literally looks like this when it 'rawrs';

Somewhat funny cause' it was showing his power but at the same time went and run to hide.

This is Winky, the half-blinded kitty. 
The left eye looks like it's winking right? Teehee. So adorable but so sad that the mum has to always lick the eye. I think it somewhat helps to regain/improves the kitties' eyesight bit by bit.

Forever sucking on milk. =)

This supermum has already been preggie for a few times already. The population is getting higher and higher! LOL.

The pussy is licking its pussy;

 Till then, have a great weekend ahead!


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