Friday, April 27, 2012

Grandpa's 80th Birthday!

Date: 21st April 2012

In the morning where relatives and friends start to flood the house to give the birthday boy his gifts.
For some unknown reasons, gifts have to be handed in the morning / by noon during the olden days.

We ended up decided to have the party in a restaurant that serves good food rather than in a hotel.
 The food were pretty good from the start to the end that literally left us with bloated tummy and satisfaction at its max. #bliss

Loving the clear blue sky while we were decorating the restaurant. 

The sunset view from across the restaurant. 
I was flattered by the beauty of nature and what not with uncountable flocks of birds flying across the sky.

Fresh flowers that was done by Aunt Lynnda from Pretty Ideas!

Longevity Peach Cupcakes from Pretty Cupcake Ideas!

They were all made from scratch and packaged nicely into respective boxes as favors for the guests.

All dolled up and get everything into place while waiting for the guests to arrive.
Also, yum cha and photo sessions with the birthday boy.

With cousie and Uncle KK!

Dearest boyf that loves spending his time on the lazy chair while feeding the stray cats!

A toast to all the friends and family members.

A 5kg coffee + pandan sponge cake.

Thanks to all the family members' hardwork for making this party a successful one.

Last but not least,

Happy 80th Birthday Ah Kong!
You totally deserve the best grandpa award! Teehee.
Thumbs up to such a loving and adorable couple that go through every ups and downs together in life!
So, who says nothing last forever?
If you have the will, there is always a way.
Thus, have faith, trust and most importantly, be honest! 


; Extraordinary.
=) <3


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel by Nature Republic.

Thanks to the recommendation of my dearie, i've finally found something good!
Yes, the Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel has so many usage from head to toe!
I bet everyone knows how aloe vera works wonders right?

So, if you're a fan of aloe vera like me, i'm sure this is the product that you're looking for!

"It is the MILLION SELLER COSMETICS in Korea! Stimulated by the sun, the aloe vera relaxes your all reddish and dried face, arm, leg, and whole body.It also gives good moist and it is also rich in vitamin. Especially it is approved by CCOF(California Certified Organic Farmers) which has real 90% of the aloe. Fresh taste and fast absorption. It gives no sticky face but relaxed."

How it works;

#1. Moisturizing Cream or Mask Pack.
Simply mix it with oil and apply it on your face as a mask pack. You can apply it before you go to bed and feel the smoothness of your skin the very next day. It's also very good for sunburns.

#2. Base Make-up.
Apply this gel before putting on your make-up. This is to prevent harmful substance in the make-up products that will worsen skin conditions. Don't worry, the gel does not give sticky/oily feeling. Apply base on the ratio of 2:1.

#3. After Shave Cream.
This goes out to all the boys out there who shave their mustache few times a week. The gel will relax the sensitive skin and gives good moisture. For me, i like to apply the gel on my legs after shaving em'.

#4. Hair Treatment.
It also works as a natural hair styling and gives your hair some shine.

#5. Relax Swollen Eyes.
Put the gel onto face cottons and place em' onto the eyes. It's reallllllllly relaxing.

#6. Nail Essence.
All of us girls loves pedi and mani so much that most of the time we are ignorant of the consequences of the chemicals that will bring to our nails. With this gel, we don't have to fret no more for it will protect and make the nails healthier!

Through my personal experience with this product, i've been using it since two weeks ago and i love the cooling sensation that the gel leaves on my skin. I feel refreshed and much relaxed, thanks to the calming aroma. To top that, the skin feels smoother after several applies for a few days.

Not to mention, my boyf loves the smell too!
Teehee, i not only can pamper myself, but my other half too!

If you're interested, Nature Republic can be found in Times Square, One Utama and Fahrenheit 88. =) Priced at RM32.90.

P/S: The next product that i am tempted to try is the leg therapy.

Til' i'm back again! xoxo


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LMFAO @ Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon!

Last minute decision to attend LMFAO concert last night!


Not really a fan of concerts but...
Bro successfully persuaded me to go saying that 'No, we are not lining up. We don't have to rush with people. Eyh, you finish exam edi right? Come laaaaa, pleasseeeeeeeee.'
And i said yes.


Took about an hour plus to reach Sunway.
Thank gawd we found some secluded parking lot in the hotel and we only had to pay RM1!
Good choice for not parking at the Valet. =D


Area we're supposed to be in.


Look at the amount of people. This was only about 8.30 pm.
The concert started at 10pm!! I almost gave up waiting. =/


Free flow of Carlsberg and Jagermeister until concert starts.

Finger food. That's our 'dinner'! Came back home and had my all time fav Ramly Burger. Heee.


Soren Ravn, MD of Carlsberg.

Andrea Fonseka! Who came with Deborah Henry and Serena C! =))
(Told ya' my bro needs some professional camera. 80% of the pics he took are blur.)


Damn adorable sia!

He finally came out at 10! Sucha looong wait.

But it was pretty good i must say. He really got everyone so hyped up and hyper last night.
I'm in Miami bitch~!

Last but not least,


Couldn't see shits cause' everyone's standing/jumping and blocking the view. Decided to just stand behind of all the crowds and waa lah! I didn't know it was THAT packed. Good! Very good!
Wonder how did those people wake up for work today. Heh!

Last shot before we left.
Party rock!!!!
Thank you for the tix. =))


On a side note, i'm so happy that i am officially on my sem break now for 3 weeks! Time to compensate all my sleepless nights!

Have a great day ahead people! xx