Friday, August 12, 2011

The Odd Duck in The Family.

Lately, things are going a lil' out of hand in the family.
Everyone is so busy over work.
Stressed out, worn out.
Throwing tantrums at each other.
Even myself, the stress level is beyond godlike.
I have to juggle between my personal stuffs, studies and even to housechores - to cooking dinner almost every night now.
Haven't i done enough?

I felt so distant.
I don't get it when she blames me for everything.
Even when i am doing the right thing, she still put the blames on me for nothing.
Accusing me like no ones business.
Accusing me for doing things that i am not even doing, or vice versa.
Sometimes i really wonder if she really cares.

Years back, i complaint about me having burning sensations at my chest,
she gave me a long lecture.
On and off i told her about me feeling unusual about my body,
she gave me a long lecture.
Just moments ago, i told her my ear's been blocked for two weeks now,
she gave me a LONG lecture and relate it to other stories and started accusing me again.
Seriously, who am i in the family?

It comes to a point where each time i feel sick, i would just bear all the pain by myself.
I will just keep quiet.
Because at the end of the day,
telling anything is equivalent to not telling at all.
Everything i utter, they are all totally absurd.

So i guess silence is golden.
Until something big happens?
It will be too late....


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Getaway to Get Away.

This happened two months back.
Went on a 5 days trip to Hatyai with Aunt Lynnda's family.
Honestly, if it wasn't for the trip, i would have seriously suffer from mental illness because tons of shit happened just right before the trip.
But as soon as i came back, everything changed 360 degrees.

(Stayed in Golden Crown Plaza Hotel)

It was a short getaway, it was relaxing and all, but like i said, shit happened, so my mind was literally congested. stuck. over-load. Whatever the word is, i'm sure you get what i mean.

If you were to ask me to visit that place again, i would say no.
To me, it's just a rather dull town, small city, probably like our Ipoh or Tapah, but it's worst than that. (Fyi, i'm more of a highland or beach person.)
Basically there's n.o.t.h.i.n.g besides cheap clothes.
And probably food.
And with that i shall make you drool.
Winking smile

Slightly different.
It's steamed with cabbage.
Not too bad.

(Stir-fried kailan with salted fish.)
Tasty but salted fish and pork are too tough.

(Tom yum soup.)
Honestly, i prefer the ones we have here in KL.
Somehow the tom yum soup in Thailand doesn't taste as nice.
It's bland.
Sad smile

(Kuey Teow Soup)
One of my fav.
Mix it with all the ingredients there; fish sauce, chili powder, sugar, etc.

Please do not order this.
It's like you're drinking oil.
Sick smile
And it's 100Baht. RM10 for a plate of oily fried oyster?
You better think twice!!

(Leng chee kang.)
50Baht for this.
Still prefer our version.

(Porridge with pig's intestines, pig's blood *eww*, chicken leg, egg, etc.)
You can get all these food from stalls setting up near Lee Gardens.
But truth is, they are not cheap at all!
For that amount of money, we can get bigger portion here in KL.

Worst of all, i came back KL with very bad food poisoning!
I reckon it's either the porridge or the o'chien.
Totally not going back there anymore.
Sad smile

But that being said, there is one thing that really cheer me up during the trip.

Soooo cute can!!!
My wish is to have a golden retriever/labrador as my pet someday!

Got to go! Toodles!

With love,

Just tell me you love me too.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You don't miss your water til' the well runs dry.


Sorry for the lack of updates!
Last week, was a complete week of HELL.
All assignments and presentations due on the same week.
I could not explain how stress everyone was, how everyone was racing against the clock.
You see, problem is, we human never learn from our mistakes.
We always do things last minute.
We are aware of how fast the time flies.
YET, time after time, we still do what we do best -

Speaking about stress, it saddens me to see you all so stressed and chocked up.
I wish i could help to lessen your burden, but really, that is just all i could help.
And then you get so temperamental, which in a way i find it rather SCARY yet very adorable at the same time.
I don't even know why, but that's just how it goes.
I guess it's just me who see you as a whole different individual completely.

One more week to finals.
8th and 19th of August.
And then i'm officially on my semester break.
Fortunately or UN-fortunately, i don't have to study for next semester.
So i'll be pretty free for two months til' my internship.
Good or bad? I really don't know.
Bad cause' i think i'm gonna waste a lot of time.
Good cause' i can at least earn some pocket money.
Well, let's see!

If you noticed, i have serious problem with the way i blog today.
Uttering words that are coming from a soon-to-be malfunctioning brain?
Confirm brain gone cuckoo!

You complete me.
For those who've yet to know, he, shall remain anonymous!!
Rolling on the floor laughing


You can call me whenever from wherever
Just remember that
I'll be there
Through the stormy weather.