Friday, August 12, 2011

The Odd Duck in The Family.

Lately, things are going a lil' out of hand in the family.
Everyone is so busy over work.
Stressed out, worn out.
Throwing tantrums at each other.
Even myself, the stress level is beyond godlike.
I have to juggle between my personal stuffs, studies and even to housechores - to cooking dinner almost every night now.
Haven't i done enough?

I felt so distant.
I don't get it when she blames me for everything.
Even when i am doing the right thing, she still put the blames on me for nothing.
Accusing me like no ones business.
Accusing me for doing things that i am not even doing, or vice versa.
Sometimes i really wonder if she really cares.

Years back, i complaint about me having burning sensations at my chest,
she gave me a long lecture.
On and off i told her about me feeling unusual about my body,
she gave me a long lecture.
Just moments ago, i told her my ear's been blocked for two weeks now,
she gave me a LONG lecture and relate it to other stories and started accusing me again.
Seriously, who am i in the family?

It comes to a point where each time i feel sick, i would just bear all the pain by myself.
I will just keep quiet.
Because at the end of the day,
telling anything is equivalent to not telling at all.
Everything i utter, they are all totally absurd.

So i guess silence is golden.
Until something big happens?
It will be too late....


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Anonymous said...

consult doctor if have pain... ask friends, perhaps they know..
Sleep before 11PM, you'll get less or no sickness...