Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool @ Marina Bay Sands.

I'm on my very LAST semester break.
I don't know if i should be happy.
Mixed feelings, indeed.
New chapter of life will be starting real soon; the working life.
Yeah, it's not like a big deal anyway. 
Everyone faces it. 
The only difference is who loves their job and who doesn't. 
I hope mine's ain't that bad, tho i'm quite sceptical about the upcoming internshit. Hmm.

this is a long overdue post.
Which i'd promised much, much earlier.
And so, my mind decided to wander a lil' to the one of the best memories i had in 2012.
It was all because i spent it with the entire family.

The 150-metre infinity-edged swimming pool located 57 storeys above the ground.
"Crowning the three hotel towers of Marina Bay Sands at 200 metres in the sky, the Sands SkyPark stretches longer than the Eiffel Tower when laid down".

It was all about

It was the time where nothing seems to matter.
Being stress-free and carefree is probably the best feeling one could ever had. =)

Wish to be there right now.

And oh, they had their very own photographer there as well to take awesome photos for you where you can collect after a few hours.
Could not recall how much tho teehee.

Last but not least,

Love this shot! 


Access to the Garden and Infinity Pool is for hotel guests only. 
However, Sands SkyPark Observation Deck is open to public.

Admission Fee;
Adults: $20
Children (2-12 years): $14
Senior Citizens (above 55 years): $17

Tickets available at Marina Bay Sands, Ticketing Counter at Hotel Lobby Tower 3.

With love,

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