Saturday, May 17, 2008

Simply me.

Hi, the name's Sue Fei and i'm 18. A typical Taurean who is pretty much of a possessive person, pessimistic, stubborn, subtle and emotional with extreme trust issues. I doubt, i accuse. Yet i'm also the bubbly kinda person and very nice. I mean, nice. Yes. =) One thing about me is that i could easily just burst out in tears or burst out in laughters. Or both at the same time. Yeah, that's just how weird it goes. hah! My instincts are something that i could not explain either. Dejavu somehow annoys me because it feels like whatever i do, i've done them before and whatever i say, i've said them before.

I love Toblerone, i love weddings and i oh-so-love cupcakes. I love my family and the bunch of boisterous peeps in college as they are the ones that cheer me up when i'm cranky and they are the great listeners to my pathetic stories. Thank you guys! Needless to say, of course i love God. A great liking towards shoe shopping and dresses. And the only living creature that i dislike is either the one with no legs or those with too many legs. Well, if you wanna be another living creature that i'll dislike then go ahead and do what you can to annoy me. =P

Currently i'm having a single self sabotage period after a year plus of pure bliss. And it's bad, real bad. Never knew that heartbreak can be so painful. But i guess i'm living hard everyday trying to find stuffs to make myself occupied as i'm literally going berserk all the time. Feel free to view the post here. =)

I write with my heart, i sing with my soul. If any of my words hurt you in a way or another, my bad.

This is my ranting ground, like it or not. =)

I wish i'm still a kid. That kind of pure innocence.
Get what i mean? =)