Monday, July 20, 2009

Pocket full of sunshine.

Hello people! =)

Im back to blogspot again. But i`ll still be using my wordpress account for my very personal posts only. :P So yea, anyway, lets talk about my college life. UCSI University is a hell of a crap. They are currently doing lots and lots of renovation and we have to use alternate routes to go to classrooms or the library. Very effing inconvenient. And it seems that its gonna take a long time.

Like wtf.

But the best part of the day was its the last class for Prob and Stats. Hooray!!! But then again, it shows that finals is freaking near and we have to do our course selection for the next semester by this Thursday already. If not, we`ll get penalty of Rm100. Argh. Its all about the $$$$ again.

Basically, today is a long day. Class at 8 am and ended an hour later. Since we had pretty much time to spare before we go for our Moral discussion, Woon Chin, Angeline and myself decided to have mixed rice for breakfast. Oh wait, its breakfast + lunch. Branch? hehe. And then we went for the discussion thinggy at about 10 am. And you know what? In less then 10 minutes, they said they wanna discuss it at McD. Shiiiies. So yea, we walked all the way back again and we ate again. I had this! =D

My all time favourite! After french fries and Oreo McFlurry larh. :P

And after that, we head to this resturant named Tai Zi to meet up with other friends. And again, we ate another round.

Bubble milk tea! *woots*

The fried fishballs and 'money bags' are yummy~!

You see, its like all fried stuffs. Not good not good.

And so the day dragged till 6 something and i reached home sharp at 1900. Very exhausted. Its 2230 hours now. I shall go get some rest and be prepared for tomorrow`s presentation.

Good luck guys!