Saturday, July 25, 2009

STOMP! Make a difference.

As stated in the pic above, the event was held yesterday in UCSI at the Auditorium. STOMP! was organized by SSLA and it was a blast. But the numbers of audience attended last night was a bit let down. This event was collaborated with the Women`s Aid Organization ( WAO ) and the main purpose of it is to do charity. It is to protect women from violent acts. So, eventually we can abuse men all we want like what we did to Galdon! Just kidding. =P

The event started at about 8.00 pm and ended at midnight. The first performance to kick-start the event was a hip hop dance by red-chicks. lol. Other performances were mainly singing and break-dancing and im sure everyone agreed that Reza Salleh`s performance was a bomb last night. And salute to those singers as they composed their very own songs. Very talented indeed. =)

It feels good to do charity. =) Kudos to SSLA for organizing the event.

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