Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It is not the end. This is only the beginning.

Hello homies! Missing me yet?

Again, i know i'd been MIA for at least a month now cause' honestly, i'm such a lazyyyyyy person. Teehee. Looking at my blog statistic now is definitely a very depressing thing and i know i have to get my blogging mojo back!

Fact is, there is so much things going on in this one month. Things happened, things changed and people do change, for the better. I've come to realize so many things, so many things that i was once blinded before this but not now anymore. At this point of my life, i know who exactly are the ones that i can count on (needless to mention my both darling and dear cause' they are the most awesome friends on earth), who are the ones that i could put my trust on and rely on; let alone those hypocrites.

One great thing that i've come across lately long as you hope, miracles do happen. It only depends on the matter of time, your determination and strength, and i'm glad that things could finally work out as perfectly as it should be right now. Really, you're the reason behind all these and i thank you for loving me, cause' you're doing it perfectly. =) I am keeping my fingers crossed! =)

Anyways, enough of my craps. I shall now update you with a very happy story!

3rd of July 2011, marks the day where my genius cousin, brother and his friends have finally graduated! After three to four long years, they have finally officially end their uni life and proceed to the next great chapter; the working life. Something which i couldn't wait to experience myself either. =)

This is how the street looks like on that day. So many stalls selling loads of bouquets of flowers with different designs!

Even angry birds are graduating!! Weeee~!!

In the hall at about 8am.
Event started at 9am so what else can you do besides talking craps to your parents and camwhoring rite? =P
But trust me, the commencement speeches and choir performance can be lullabies.

Congrats Michelle jie!!

Congrats kor! You're definitely our pride and joy!

With ah sou! Heee.

And congratulations to my cousin!! I want to follow your footsteps!
Panda and Pei Rong, take this as our motivation k! :D

All the best in your future undertakings!!

With love,


On a side note, if you guys want to be emo at me, or even have the heart to wanting to end our friendship just because i am attached, then you guys have seriously left me speechless. Am i like supposed to be single for my entire life or what??!! Pffffft. Pure nonsense!


And oh dearest, please get well soon! :)