Saturday, April 10, 2010

First time being in Genting casino.

Hi guys! I just came back from Genting with the family and we spent about almost 6 hours in the casino. Surprisingly they did not check my IC tho! But the guards did say something like 'Eh, muka nie boleh cam nie...' Don't really get what they're trying to say but obviously they know that i'm not even 21 years old yet. Maybe with parents' guidance that's why i'm allowed to enter? =b

Anyhoo, i must say that the slot machines are really addictive. And for the first time (the last time were not counted because it was in a cruise) being in a casino, my luck was pretty good too. =P But seriously, kudos to those old uncles and aunties weyh! Hardcore gamblers. And they gamble by the hundreds and thousands. =_=

And btw, they're having the Songkran Festival and so there's elephant rides right infront of the outdoor theme park ticketing counters, a mini concert, screenings and food festival at Arena of Stars, flea market in First World Plaza and last but not least the foam party and water gun tournaments.


Seriously, i don't know why i have this thing for Roulette. 30 over places for you to bet, but only one particular number wins. But you can bet on the row or colour. Exciting weyh. =D

I really need some rest now. Tata!

Ps : If there is a place called Janda Baik, is there a place called Balu Jahat then?

I somehow wish that you're there with me
I miss you.


kenwooi said...

i went into the casino before.. but didnt gamble at all.. just watched =)

Sophia Lai said...

haha! i did, but only slot machines. =b

theeggyolks said...

that's a place i must visit everytime i go genting -_-"

Sophia Lai said...

Fun rite? =D