Thursday, April 29, 2010

How much lolly for dolly?

I am currently suffering from the i-want-to-see-you-so-badly-syndrome. Ok, screw that.

I am actually quite as happy as a lark right now. I feel so blessed with whatever that is happening around me and people that matter most to me. To me, family comes first. And talking about family, i'm so eager for the brother to come back home from his vacation. I'm a good sis, mind you. And for the past three days i'd been hibernating at home while seeking refuge in glee, walls ice cream, cleo and books by Cecelia Aherns. Did i mention glee? What about more glee? Heh. To be honest, the main reason i'm not out partying is because i'm so effing broke right now. I left with only four ringgit in my purse. Yes, FOUR ringgit. No more no less. FML much? Pretty much. T____T

And oh, you just couldn't believe how small the world is. Apparently the jie jie that i used to play with when i was one or two years old is now one of the Miss Universe 2010 finalist. My mum was so excited because both of our families used to go for holidays together. But lost contact as the kids grow. Anyway, please do support her too! Her name is Vera Hui. =D

Ps : It's time to scan all the baby pics and tag ppl! :D:D:D


By the way...

It's THREE more days to DEGREE. So, RESULTS will be out anytime soon. *GULP*

Would you say yes if i ask you to?

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