Wednesday, April 14, 2010

D-day. Stress stress stress. Period.

Tomorrow is the D-day. But imma so gonna face the first day of war with c-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-c-e. =) Hopefully i'm not gonna screw it up! And hopefully that bloody bald old hag ain't gonna set tough questions to jeopardize us. I think he's the only lecturer that barred so many students thus far. I bet ucsi is paying him commission for every student that he barred weyh. lol. Such a waste of money paying for this sub when we are either learning from our friends or by ourselves. Bleh. I hope i don't see you again.


Good luck guys! And i know some are already enjoying their sem break. Good for you! Have fun!

Ps : I'm gonna enter the exam hall with a really zombie-fied looking face tho i still look like one every other day. heh. =b

Back to my bookies! Wait, it's Glee time! Tata~!

*Imma's gonna make you proud* *xoxo*


Dear you, i actually hope that you'll get whoever you're so in love with right now cause' i don't want you to be all emo and sad. If you think it's a sign that you SHOULD be with her, then go ahead and follow your heart. Tho i know i'm gonna start all my dramas again but as long as you're contented, at the end of the day i'll be just fine. God bless you bby. IMY.

You can have the looks
But i have the brains
And i have my dignities
Ain't like you.

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