Monday, April 5, 2010

My Favourite Sport.

Since i was in primary school, my top favorite sport is nothing but the one and only, volleyball. I used to be really active back then and i also played other sports such as handball, netball and as well as basketball but volleyball has always been my passion. It is like the greatest sport of all and it's been part of my life since then.

If you realized, they're all related to balls just because i simply love to play with balls. And by balls, i mean THIS ball.

Don't think otherwise! Hah!

Anyway, back to my schooling days, i used to represent my school in volleyball and netball. They were such great memories to be cherished. To be able to win those trophies and certificates were just so overwhelming. I've got to learn about teamwork and if we don't co-operate as a team, we will obviously fail. If you were to ask me why i love volleyball, is because i love the burning sensation after hitting the ball on your wrist. The next minute you'll see your blood starts to clot and blue-black marks around your wrists. That is, if you don't play regularly. And don't get me wrong, i'm not torturing myself larh k. =D Just that i've seen many of my friends that couldn't stand that kind of 'pain' and i was just thinking, it wasn't too bad afterall. Fun wert. Self-inflicted torture much. Bleh. =b

Lately, we have this passion for beach volleyball.

It's just so awesome i tell you. But the bad thing is, after a whole good game of beach volleyball, everyone started smelling one kind. As we grow up, hormones tend to change and the unpleasant body odour just makes us feel very uncomfy.

But then again, fret not! We have this great products by Adidas to the rescue!

We no longer has to 'bear' with our smells but instead we'll feel dry and fresh throughout the games! And they protect our skin too especially on a scorching hot day!

So, quickly head to your nearby departmental stores to grab these great products! Have fun using them! =)

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