Wednesday, April 7, 2010

She's not fat but well fed.

I just came back from Damansara. Pheeww, whatta long day. The cousin baby is learning so much stuffs now and he's learning to talk. So adorable! =D

But i'm feeling so worn out now so i'm gonna make this a really quick one. =)

Dinner at a restaurant name Crab situated somewhere near Sunway Giza is just so-awww-some. Have i mentioned that i love seafood like sodarneffingmuch? Heh. That's because i'm brought up eating seafood especially fishes because once in a blue moon my grandpa was a fisherman. And he's really pro in buying fresh fishies. Grandpa is good in marketing (as in buying groceries) while grandma is a good cook. So obviously everyone in the family is 'fei fei pak pak' because we are all being well fed. =P

This just reminds me of dearie's t-shirt that says 'I'm not FAT but well FED!'. Hah!

Then we walked over to Sunway Giza and there's weren't many shops opened yet. Not sure when's their official launching tho. But hey! There's Baskin Robbins! *loves* And they have the biggest fan, as in the kipas. lol.

Before we head home, i had my 4 varieties of BR ice cream; Jamoca Almond Fudge, Raspberry, Global Crunch and Creme Praline Cheesecake. Yuuummms!!

This is so true! =D

Anyways, it's time for me to crash. Goodnight!

Do you even remember?
Do you even care?

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