Thursday, April 22, 2010

To sinbad with love.

Finally, i'm done with my finals! But i don't think i'll be able to ace thru this semester. Internal marks suck monkeyballs. Shiiiiieeees. Anyway, the best is yet to come! Degree's gonna be awesome i hope. *fingers crossed!* =) So i'm officially on a week break now. Not going anywhere, but gonna work. Yeay! And i can't wait to see my 'baby' next week and start fondling 'him'. =DD

Btw, muvees anyone? Dearie-dearie and darling-darling sekalian? Ring me up anytime coz i mish you guys like siao. Heeeee...


Today, after bullying our darling because she ditched us to meet her boyf, dearie and myself had a great lunchie at Pizza Hut. Dearie was saying that everything that happened were as if they happened only yesterday. And it's so true that it's the third year already and i still vividly remember every little things that he did or said on that particular day. Really, idk how am i gonna get thru this but i know no matter what, time heals. And i shall not be jaded anymore because i'll end up stuffing myself with so much food that i'll start to puke. Not a good idea especially when you have a major exam to sit for. Noted.


Dear you-know-who-you-are,
I just wanna say that you're loved!!
I mish ya! Muahs!

There is.
so much.
more than.
you and i.
in this world.

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