Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair @ Times Square.

Let's make this a quickie coz' im feeling kinda exhausted. Heee.

Today's the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair at Times Square and i know everyone was having a hell lotsa fun! =D And i was really into those games too, played and played for a few hours and collect the points to redeem a bunch of Gatsby products. I must say that the games are really creative. For every accomplishment, you'll get yourself a 2 Gatsby points which entitled you to exchange for gifts at the redemption counter. I can't stop playing the Cue Ball ( hitting golf balls into the hole using cue stick ). Ok la, i admit that i'm so into playing pool right now. Fireball is lik my second home wtf. Just kidding lol. =b

*I'm sorry coz' i did not take any pics during the event. I was busy playing the whole time. Anyway you can just Google bout it and you'll find more and more interesting pictures from other bloggers. =) *


So we were there bout 10 something and registration took quite some time because there's about like 500 over bloggers. I guess they were expecting more tho. Heeeee. We were all given a goodie bag with a fan and t-shirt each and the theme colour is RED. =D (And the Red Devils just scored a last min goal!!)

And oh....the most exciting part. Lucky draws. Guess what the prizes were? The main ones are Nintendo Wii, Acer netbooks, Garmin GPS and BLACKBERRY oh-emmm-gee. Obviously i did not win anything la, my luck wasn't that lucky after all. LOL. And i missed the second round of lucky draw which is at 5.30pm. Wonder who's the lucky freak that won the Blackberry. =b

Stuffs that we brought home. We had a total of 114 points and redeemed for 2 big moving rubbers, 4 small moving rubbers, 2 packs of facial wipes and one hair dye which Jackie Loi picked. Honestly it's utterly fun because besides getting those products, the 400 bloggers that were chosen will have RM50 being cashed into their account on top of that. =D

I was the 407th blogger to arrived.
And yes, we set a record in the Malaysia Book of Records for the
'Largest Gathering of Bloggers!'.

Okay, i better stop. Looks like the quickie ain't quick after all. Hehe.

Now it's time to get my arse moving and start studying for Film & Arts. But i'm feeling so lethargic mayynnn. I only have like 24 hours to study. Idk if i can make it. Urgh, be optimistic. *knocks the head and study!*


Ps : Thank you Nuffnang and Gatsby for organizing the event! Mwwaahhh! =P

I wish to be in your arms again
I wish you knew how much i needed you.


Merryn said...

u r quick in posting this entry :D I was there too :)

Sophia Lai said...

Hello Merryn. Haha, just a quick one bcoz needa rush to study for finals. =P I hope you had fun as much as i did too! =)

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