Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Every Wednesday is a Pink Day @ Baskin Robbins.

Since tomorrow is Wednesday, lemme tell you a great news! I know most of you knew about this already but unfortunately, i only got to know it like yesterday. Outdated much i know. Hehe~!

So, the title says it all. Every Wednesday is a Pink Day @ Baskin Robbins! Great news to all Baskin Robbins/ice cream lovers out there.

Promotion ends on 30th of April! =) Still a long way to go.

Conditions are such easy-peasy. All you need to do is just show up with anything pink, pink shirt, pink pants, pink tie, pink ribbon, pink panther (what??) and so on as long as there's something pink. Oh, pink panty i dare you! =b

And the deal is? You'll get to enjoy Double Jr. Scoop for the price of Single Jr. Scoop which is only RM7.50. Basically it's a 50% off la. Yeay!

Flavour of the month!

So i'll have my one scoop of flavour of the month and one scoop of Jamoca Almond Fudge tomorrow! And i'll top up to sugar cone which is only an additional of RM1.50!

This is my one and only remedy to release stress before i get more stressful next week. I don't care if i'm gonna put on weight, i'm still gonna indulge myself with my Jamoca Almond Fudge! =D

Feel free to view their website here. =)


Ps : Contemplating much whether i should blog about the premier screening for Ip Man 2. Anyone free on the 27th or 28th? But must be able to pick me up larh. Screening will be at Pavilion at night. =P

I won't forget the way we're kissing.


Eric Chan Yick Mun said...

jom, jom, jom !!.... u belanja, k :P

Sophia Lai said...

Eh, of coz le the guy gotta pay right. =D