Monday, December 27, 2010

To the Land of Hornbills - Part 1

Hello dears!

Hope you readers had a wonderful Christmas because mine was a lil' special this year. Spent a whole long week at the Land of Hornbills this Christmas and oh boy, i bet you'll get a shock of your life if you see me in person.

Horrible. =|

I tagged along Aunt Lynnda's family back to her husband's hometown because i was and still is on a long semester break. It was quite a last minute decision like a month or two before that, thus it costs me bombs. The ticket was four times of that of my ticket to Hat Yai.

Anyway, here you go for the first post of my trip. A short one. :)

The Journey.

Flew with MAS. Seats are comfy and spacious.
Can't stop staring at that one particular cabin crew heh.

Ayden boy.

Chicken satay with fried rice was okay but fruit cake was too sweet.

This is as hard as rock lol.
Leave it for a few minutes and you may indulge yourself with as many cups as you can.

One of the ultimate reason why i love to fly is because i love the clouds.
And that free falling kinda feeling each time the plane pass through the clouds.
And also, i feel closer to God.

Touched down, stayed overnight at Aunty Angel's place then checked-in into 360 Hotel the next day. We took the one room apartment complete with a flat-screen TV, free internet access and a kitchen. It's very well-maintained. Only RM190 per night and RM35 for an extra bed.

As soon as you open the door, a mellow painting like the one above and a longish mirror welcomes you.

This is how the living room look like after self-rearrangement of the furnitures.
All to block the mischievous Ayden boy from turning on and off the tv and playing with the DVD player.

Lotsa space for the baby to run around.

The lil' emperor!

Wishing all of you a blessed christmas and a very happy new year!
*big warm teddy hug and kisses*

; You can always stick a candle into the dark, but you can never stick the dark into the light. Empty hopes.

Time to hit the sack! Gonna be another hectic week!

Heart you guys loads.


We can never tell the future.

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