Wednesday, December 8, 2010

After a hurricane comes a rainbow.


Since yesterday was a public holiday, the family decided to bring the grandparents out to celebrate their (grandparents & my parents) wedding anniversaries which falls on the 8th of Dec. Such coincidence. Supposingly to go for a buffet lunch but everyone was so busy until we'd totally forgotten about the dates. So we ended up settle for some Thai food at Just Thai in One Utama.

I was still recovering from a bad cold and fever but still got to drag myself up from bed because i didn't want to disappoint them. Thank gawd the nose wasn't as blocky but the body still aches like hell. It must be from the long hours of sleep i had the day before. I literally slept like 24 hours. Just woke up to wee, eat and took a quick shower that's all. =/

Service was quite bad yesterday because most of the staffs were on leave. There was like only about 3 to 4 waiters to serve all tables. It was full house btw and we were starving! Ended up taking pictures because we were so. damn. effing. bored.

Retard tard tard.

Muka orang sakit. >:(

Red ruby.
Took a sip and started coughing like hell. It's my favourite dessert!

Sticky rice with mango.

Tom Yum Seafood Firepot for 4 pax.

Baby kailan with salted fish. It's very tasty but i can't taste anything!

Pineapple fried rice.

Green curry chicken.

You know, i'm extremely DEPRESSED because i'm sick. And i'm DEPRESSED because even until today, my taste buds are completely cacat-ed. Everything i eat tastes so bland. Like water. Except for spicy stuffs because i would start sniffing so much that i can eventually dai. I'm DEPRESSED because i LOVE to eat. =(

And then i got more DEPRESSED because we dropped by Aunt Lynnda's house and i can't play with Ayden. I'm DEPRESSED because i can't cuddle him and make him kiss me. I'm DEPRESSED because we had such awesome dinner, buttermilk crab, and again it's bland. Again, i'm DEPRESSED because i LOVE to eat. =(

Came home, went online, received offline messages and again i got extremely DEPRESSED. Anyway i apologize that my words are a bit harsh last night but i can't accept the fact that she's feeling waaaaaaaaay to insecure even about the smallest stuffs. I repeat, SMALLEST. And i'm also DEPRESSED because of you. But things are better now i think so no worries.

Now, i'm DEPRESSED because i'm coughing like mad. FML MAX!

Random shot! Sorry if i scare you wtf.

Time to hit the sack! Goodnight dears! :)

Oh before i forget, my friend just won two tickets to Meet & Greet Session to catch Wonder Girls LIVE at Genting this Saturday. He's selling for RM300 for TWO tickets. Normal price is RM310 for one. To top that it's front row seats! Nearer to the hot chicks! Just leave a comment here if you're interested aight! :)

; Maybe it's good that i'm leaving. Time to give us a break.


I've decided to trust you
and not my eyes.
But you should be really thankful!


Liaun said...

the face really looks very pucat :(

Sophia Lai said...

I know. =( Damn depressing la. I dislike 2010. *cries*

Liaun said...

no worries, 21 days left.. keep on fighting! gambateh!!

Sophia Lai said...

Lotsa things can happen in these 21 days liaun. A lot. But i'll stay strong. :) And you, take care yah.

Anonymous said...

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