Monday, December 27, 2010

To the Land of Hornbills - Part 1

Hello dears!

Hope you readers had a wonderful Christmas because mine was a lil' special this year. Spent a whole long week at the Land of Hornbills this Christmas and oh boy, i bet you'll get a shock of your life if you see me in person.

Horrible. =|

I tagged along Aunt Lynnda's family back to her husband's hometown because i was and still is on a long semester break. It was quite a last minute decision like a month or two before that, thus it costs me bombs. The ticket was four times of that of my ticket to Hat Yai.

Anyway, here you go for the first post of my trip. A short one. :)

The Journey.

Flew with MAS. Seats are comfy and spacious.
Can't stop staring at that one particular cabin crew heh.

Ayden boy.

Chicken satay with fried rice was okay but fruit cake was too sweet.

This is as hard as rock lol.
Leave it for a few minutes and you may indulge yourself with as many cups as you can.

One of the ultimate reason why i love to fly is because i love the clouds.
And that free falling kinda feeling each time the plane pass through the clouds.
And also, i feel closer to God.

Touched down, stayed overnight at Aunty Angel's place then checked-in into 360 Hotel the next day. We took the one room apartment complete with a flat-screen TV, free internet access and a kitchen. It's very well-maintained. Only RM190 per night and RM35 for an extra bed.

As soon as you open the door, a mellow painting like the one above and a longish mirror welcomes you.

This is how the living room look like after self-rearrangement of the furnitures.
All to block the mischievous Ayden boy from turning on and off the tv and playing with the DVD player.

Lotsa space for the baby to run around.

The lil' emperor!

Wishing all of you a blessed christmas and a very happy new year!
*big warm teddy hug and kisses*

; You can always stick a candle into the dark, but you can never stick the dark into the light. Empty hopes.

Time to hit the sack! Gonna be another hectic week!

Heart you guys loads.


We can never tell the future.

Ignite the light and let it shine.

Never felt such extreme high pressure in my head before.
It's either because of the turbulence or the place where i sat.
Thank God, the veins in my brain did not burst wtf.

Four more days to a brand new year.
Looking forward to a great one. Or at least better.
Like Tzee Hui, me no likey this fucking year as well!

; Will blog about the trip soon!


Maybe you're the reason
why all the doors are closed.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's the time of the year again!

First of all, to all the emo people in the world (including myself), who feels like the world's crashing down on you and feels like committing suicide, please please listen to the song below. Thank you.


One more box to deliver.
But where's my sleigh?
10 more days to Christmas yeay!


Save what has been lost,
bring back what once was mine.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Take a bullet straight through my brain.

Surprisingly i was awake from 9am yesterday till 6am this morning. Kept on tossing around, thinking constantly and not being able to fall asleep. Lotsa stuffs happened within this one week itself. Sometimes i'm pretty much impressed with the way i think about things. I don't know how i could relate stuffs together and combine them to build a picture. Not perfect tho, but truth is, they do make sense at times. MOST of the times in fact.

Another reason why i couldn't fall asleep.

You know when people say, the place of thoughts and decision making is when you're in the bathroom and in the bedroom. No doubt, i do lots of thinking while i'm showering and also right before i head to slumberland. I do admit i think a lot. I'm a thinker. I'm always anxious. It's not that i want to, it's not that i love working my brain out, squeezing the juice outta it, but it's just that i care. I care a lot about stuffs. I really do.

Yesterday, was a total let down. Butterflies in my tummy, i was trembling as i read the messages, i was feeling nauseated. I feel disgusted.

I was very, very upset. Worst, when you acted as if nothing happened. You may still walk out on the streets, full with dignity and pride, but deep down inside, you're far worse than a jerk. Never have i once thought that it could've happen to people around me. As in friends whom i've known for years.

I'm already having extreme trust issues but stuffs like this just make it even severe. It's hard for me to put my trust on anyone anymore because i've come to learn that even if you know your best friend for years, you still can't completely trust them. You may think it's good to not trust someone blindly, especially when you'd experienced being cheated on, but mind you, when you have trust issues, you tend to doubt. And DOUBT IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST ENEMY.

Not a good thing when you want to be able to trust someone, but something's holding you back.

I'm sorry.
May you rest in peace.

Everyone's in Singapore for ZoukOut but i'm here rotting at home! >:(

; 不想再約束不要再痛苦, 下一次會有更好的情路.

With love,

I feel you.
But you could've just
give yourself another chance.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

After a hurricane comes a rainbow.


Since yesterday was a public holiday, the family decided to bring the grandparents out to celebrate their (grandparents & my parents) wedding anniversaries which falls on the 8th of Dec. Such coincidence. Supposingly to go for a buffet lunch but everyone was so busy until we'd totally forgotten about the dates. So we ended up settle for some Thai food at Just Thai in One Utama.

I was still recovering from a bad cold and fever but still got to drag myself up from bed because i didn't want to disappoint them. Thank gawd the nose wasn't as blocky but the body still aches like hell. It must be from the long hours of sleep i had the day before. I literally slept like 24 hours. Just woke up to wee, eat and took a quick shower that's all. =/

Service was quite bad yesterday because most of the staffs were on leave. There was like only about 3 to 4 waiters to serve all tables. It was full house btw and we were starving! Ended up taking pictures because we were so. damn. effing. bored.

Retard tard tard.

Muka orang sakit. >:(

Red ruby.
Took a sip and started coughing like hell. It's my favourite dessert!

Sticky rice with mango.

Tom Yum Seafood Firepot for 4 pax.

Baby kailan with salted fish. It's very tasty but i can't taste anything!

Pineapple fried rice.

Green curry chicken.

You know, i'm extremely DEPRESSED because i'm sick. And i'm DEPRESSED because even until today, my taste buds are completely cacat-ed. Everything i eat tastes so bland. Like water. Except for spicy stuffs because i would start sniffing so much that i can eventually dai. I'm DEPRESSED because i LOVE to eat. =(

And then i got more DEPRESSED because we dropped by Aunt Lynnda's house and i can't play with Ayden. I'm DEPRESSED because i can't cuddle him and make him kiss me. I'm DEPRESSED because we had such awesome dinner, buttermilk crab, and again it's bland. Again, i'm DEPRESSED because i LOVE to eat. =(

Came home, went online, received offline messages and again i got extremely DEPRESSED. Anyway i apologize that my words are a bit harsh last night but i can't accept the fact that she's feeling waaaaaaaaay to insecure even about the smallest stuffs. I repeat, SMALLEST. And i'm also DEPRESSED because of you. But things are better now i think so no worries.

Now, i'm DEPRESSED because i'm coughing like mad. FML MAX!

Random shot! Sorry if i scare you wtf.

Time to hit the sack! Goodnight dears! :)

Oh before i forget, my friend just won two tickets to Meet & Greet Session to catch Wonder Girls LIVE at Genting this Saturday. He's selling for RM300 for TWO tickets. Normal price is RM310 for one. To top that it's front row seats! Nearer to the hot chicks! Just leave a comment here if you're interested aight! :)

; Maybe it's good that i'm leaving. Time to give us a break.


I've decided to trust you
and not my eyes.
But you should be really thankful!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Premiere Screening of The Chronicles of Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D @ MV.

This Christmas season, The Chronicles of Narnia is back with its third film, The Chronicles of Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

I was delighted when my uncle called and said he has tickets to watch this great movie in 3D (courtesy of Eon Bank) and being me, obviously i seized the great opportunity to be one of the first few to watch it. In anticipation of the rapidly approaching release, which include watching the first trailer and a contest by Nuffnang, then came the second trailer, no doubt that i was quite excited over it.


The movie revolves around two youngest Pevensie children, Lucy and Edmund, and their cousin Eustace. They are whisked back to Narnia via a maritime painting that comes to magical - if watery - life. It's a happy reunion with Prince Caspian and Reepicheep the warrior mouse, on board the royal ship, the Dawn Treader.

What ensues is a sea voyage of island-hopping, meeting up with dragons, dwarves, and lost warriors, and lots of chases and sword fights. The goal is to retrieve the seven swords given to the Lords of Telmar by the Great Lion Aslan. When these swords are placed together on Aslan's table, full power will be gained.

This dragon is no ordinary dragon. Watch it to find out who it is! And and and, can i have that mouse as a pet? Okay, maybe not. I'll still prefer my hamster tho they come from the same family. =P

Watch the trailer here if you've yet to do so. The movie will be out in the theater on the 10th of December. Few more days to go!

Honestly, i would say that this is the best movie of the year! If only it has subtitles tho. I might just watch it again. :D

; Thank you to Eon for the tickets and also GSC for the free popcorns and coke! Not to forget the Narnia collar t-shirt as well! *big smooch*

Thanks to Nicholas for the ride and nice meeting you Jeev. =)

And on top of all that, I had a great time last night watching Rapunzel! Another great movie, with great company.

I. want. her. hair!

Maybe i shall have this as my pet.
It camouflages so adorably.

Hoping for the next round! I want to watch Hachiko and Life As We Know It. *hints* Teehee.

Much love,

what if?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Four walls and no you.

"I just want you to know that I love you as much as I've said it before and I appreciate all the things you did for me and all the things we did together. Nothing can ever change that."


If our love was a fairytale
I would charge in and rescue you
On a yacht, baby, we would sail
To an island where we'd say I do

And if we had babies they would look like you
It'd be so beautiful if that came true
You don't even know how very special you are

You leave me breathless
You're everything good in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can't believe you're mine

You just walked out of my life
So beautiful, you're leaving me breathless

And i our love was a story book
We would meet on the very first page
The last chapter would be about
How i'm thankful for the life we've made

And if we had babies they would have your eyes
I would fall deeper watching you give life
You don't know how very special you are

You must have been sent from heaven to earth to change me
You're like an angel
The thing that i feel is stronger than love believe me
You're something special

I only hope that I'll one day deserve what you've given me
But all i can do is try every day of my life

You walked out one of my dreams
So beautiful, you left me breathless.


On a random note;

I know i've completely neglect my blog. And even if i do blog, there's still a tinge of bitterness in it. I don't know why but yeah. Pathetic much!

Anyway, i've got one extra tix to Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader in 3D at Mid Valley tonight. Anyone? ;)

; Here's a toast to you for being such a special person. And here's a toast to our book, that will never have it's ending.

Yours sincerely,

You must have been sent from heaven to earth to change me
You're like an angel.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm at the edge of my emotions.

If you're reading this, i dedicate this song to you.

You by the light
Is the greatest find
In a world full of wrong
You're the thing that's right
Finally made it through the lonely
To the other side

You set it again
My hearts in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I'm at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows
Burning in the dark
And i'm in love
And i'm terrified
For the first time and the last time
In my only life

This could be good
It's already better than that
And nothing's worse
Than knowing you're holding back
I could be all that you need
If you let me try

You set it again
My hearts in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I'm at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows
Burning in the dark
And i'm in love
And i'm terrified
For the first time and the last time
In my only life


Monday, November 22, 2010

COLLISTAR Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub by Sa Sa!

Oh hello dears!

I apologize for my lack of updates as i am in the midst of taking my driving license (i know i know it's so embarrassing =/) and juggling between work and play.

But fret not! I'm back with something to share with you sweeties out there! Sharing is caring. *jen jen jeng*

Introducing COLLISTAR Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub by Sa Sa!

A couple of weeks ago, selected guest bloggers and Twitter followers were given the opportunity to try Sasa's new brand range in store - Collistar Talasso-Scrub Termoattivo. (A sample size of 150g). This scrub is a precious treatment that revitalizes and renews the epidermis of the body. It's strong point is the synergetic, action of an exclusive mixture of different dimensions, skillfully combined with a rich pool of plant oils and highly pure aromatic essential oils, which acts on the skin and at the olfactory level.

This greenish gunk is definitely amazing because it not only EXFOLIATE, but as well as REVITALIZING and RESHAPING.

Let me tell you why;

#1. Action of exfoliating sea salt.

It contains 90 (yes, NINETY) types of sea salts that frees the skin surface from dead cells and impurities which prevent the skin from breathing. Through osmosis, it favours the draining of excess fluids. Now that's a hell lot of salt isn't it.

#2. Revitalizing power of essential oils.

The scent of the product is produced by blending essential oils of lavender and rosemary, which revitalize the skin and the smell could regenerate the mind. Indeed, it is therapeutic, gives you a sense of relaxation. VERY RELAXING.

#3. Remodeling effectiveness.

Collistar Researchers had selected six different plant extract which perform a dual action on fatty deposits; they stimulate the activity of lipase and the enzymes that help in breaking down fats. That is when the warm sensation is felt because the effectiveness is boosted by the warm effect which stimulates microcirculation of the skin, favours the penetration of the active principles.

How to use:

Mix the product with spatula provided and massage it in a circular upwards motion onto DRY body, concentrating on area with fat accumulations. Eg: Underarms, thighs and tummy. Leave it for a good 5 to 10 minutes (you can feel the warm sensation as soon as you rub it on your skin) then rinse it with water. I usually use it before shower.

And on a side note, it leaves your skin SMOOOOOOOOOTH after that. You betcha! All thanks to the essential oils!

You can get this product from SaSa at RM145 for 700g.

Watcha waiting for? Head on to any SaSa outlets near you now!

Got to go!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What goes up, must come down.

Just got back from Pavilion.

Extremely random, but at least i feel the sense of belonging.

Yet, right now, i'm feeling jaded for reasons that i am not even sure about. I know it's regarding this one person, but i don't know what exactly makes me feel this way.

Completely baffled.

But fuck it larh.

Anyway, you gotta really listen to this. Like really really.

Very well composed. Need i say more? :)

Sex on the beach, bayyybeee?

; Why do shitty emotions appear at such impromptu times?

I am no love guru.

I. am. learning. to. lick. my. own. wounds.


Oh fuck!

I've gotta liquid 500 papers for only ONE miserable spelling error urgh damnit.

Ciao! Goodnight!

And he said,
"I'm only positive to you."
"Anything to make you smile."
Now what, sweetie?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Be Part of ChurpChurp Today!


Now you can by joining ChurpChurp!

What's ChurpChurp you may ask. What's with that blue tiny lil birdie with HUGE eyes that everyone's talking about lately? Well, let me tell you what ChurpChurp is all about.

Basically, ChurpChurp is the sister company of Nuffnang which operates under the Netccentric Groups of companies by co-founder Timothy Tiah. Apart from earning some side income, you can get to mingle with other twitterres and get to know more friends. Most importantly, you'll be the first few to know about recent events that are coming up.

For example;

Besides that, we also have gatherings for fellow Churpers and so far we had 2 events, one's the screening of Alpha and Omega and the other one is the Fly Kite Day at Taylors. I swear all of us had fun! Looking forward to more gatherings like that. Let's make a short trip to somewhere what say you? ;)

Anyway, let me give you a rough idea on how it works aight.

Let's say there is a huge event going on and the informations regarding the particular event need to reach a LARGE amount of audiences. This is where the fellow Churpers do their jobs. All they need to do is to churp/tweet to their followers about the event and their followers will start spreading the news to their friends. At the end of the day, the churpers will be rewarded with $$$ once the informations are successfully presented. *KA-CHING!*

See, all you need to do is to tweet it to your followers and get paid! Such easy-peasy ain't?

But first of all, you need to get a Twitter and ChurpChurp account!

And why should you join us?

Because we have tonnes of events coming up for you. Because you are awesome like that. Because WE are awesome like that.

Spread this around and be part of the community. I've done my part and now it's your turn to do yours!

Pssst, I you ChurpChurp! =D

; Follow me @sophia_suefei to get 30% off for Armani Exchange apparel! All you need to do is RT with A|X @30 and show it to the store manager at any outlet around Klang Valley!

Have a great weekend ahead! (=


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lavazza Cafe.

Home sweet home!

I'm like so hyped up right now thanks to my glass of ice blended tiramisu from LavazzA! Finally we found a new place for yum cha sessions and it's only a less than 10 minutes drive from my house. Oh yeahhhhhhhhh.

Let me tell you why is it that good.

#1. The ambiance.

The first thing that catches people's attention is the environment. A distinctive ambiance will create memorable image of the store. Like this particular cafe, it's warm and cozy like that.

There's also cute designer cakes for your special events. RM180 per kg. You can even throw your party here because they offer a variety of buffet spreads as well.

Comfortable couches. Very relaxing. Very pleasant service.

As always, first impression IS important.

#2. Taste.

Ice Blended Tiramisu, Ice Blended Mocha, Iced Peach Tea, Iced Chocolate and Earl Grey Tea. A glass of ice blended is RM9.90.

Mushroom and Ham with Cheese Sauce. RM12.90. Really good i tell you.

Mango creme brulee. RM7.90. This is the BEST. Highly recommended!

We were there about 9.30pm and there's not much cakes left. Grabbed em' both and oh boy, the cheese cake is really really really yummayyyyy. Not kidding.

Everything was done to perfection. They're all rich in taste regardless of what you order. Satisfaction guaranteed, i promise. =)


1, Jalan Perdana 2,
Segar Perdana Avenue,
Taman Segar Perdana,
Batu 9, Cheras.

Do visit their Facebook page yah!

Have a great day!