Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What goes up, must come down.

Just got back from Pavilion.

Extremely random, but at least i feel the sense of belonging.

Yet, right now, i'm feeling jaded for reasons that i am not even sure about. I know it's regarding this one person, but i don't know what exactly makes me feel this way.

Completely baffled.

But fuck it larh.

Anyway, you gotta really listen to this. Like really really.

Very well composed. Need i say more? :)

Sex on the beach, bayyybeee?

; Why do shitty emotions appear at such impromptu times?

I am no love guru.

I. am. learning. to. lick. my. own. wounds.


Oh fuck!

I've gotta liquid 500 papers for only ONE miserable spelling error urgh damnit.

Ciao! Goodnight!

And he said,
"I'm only positive to you."
"Anything to make you smile."
Now what, sweetie?

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