Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lavazza Cafe.

Home sweet home!

I'm like so hyped up right now thanks to my glass of ice blended tiramisu from LavazzA! Finally we found a new place for yum cha sessions and it's only a less than 10 minutes drive from my house. Oh yeahhhhhhhhh.

Let me tell you why is it that good.

#1. The ambiance.

The first thing that catches people's attention is the environment. A distinctive ambiance will create memorable image of the store. Like this particular cafe, it's warm and cozy like that.

There's also cute designer cakes for your special events. RM180 per kg. You can even throw your party here because they offer a variety of buffet spreads as well.

Comfortable couches. Very relaxing. Very pleasant service.

As always, first impression IS important.

#2. Taste.

Ice Blended Tiramisu, Ice Blended Mocha, Iced Peach Tea, Iced Chocolate and Earl Grey Tea. A glass of ice blended is RM9.90.

Mushroom and Ham with Cheese Sauce. RM12.90. Really good i tell you.

Mango creme brulee. RM7.90. This is the BEST. Highly recommended!

We were there about 9.30pm and there's not much cakes left. Grabbed em' both and oh boy, the cheese cake is really really really yummayyyyy. Not kidding.

Everything was done to perfection. They're all rich in taste regardless of what you order. Satisfaction guaranteed, i promise. =)


1, Jalan Perdana 2,
Segar Perdana Avenue,
Taman Segar Perdana,
Batu 9, Cheras.

Do visit their Facebook page yah!

Have a great day!



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