Saturday, October 9, 2010

My complicated family.

Movie with the darling, dear and darling's bf yesterday. Had a great time! <3

The story line is quite interesting. Now that we studied about Psychology, i'll tend to relate the movies with Psychology terms. Haha. Should had take Psychology during long sem. Short sem is extremely short that i could hardly have the time to enjoy every bits and pieces of it. Sigh.

Live. LOVE. Let go.

I wanna watch Eat, Pray, Love next! Who's up for it? =D

Oh, someone's here! Catcha later dear bloggie! Mwah!


One more week to go!
Now i wish this sem never ends.


Teh Tarik Drinker said...

hmm might go and watch this now...

Sophia Lai said...

Hahaha, okay awesome blogger of the month!! ;)

ken said...

dont think i'll watch it in the cinemas =)

Sophia Lai said...

Hi ken! Nah, don't have to watch it in cinema. Download it is good enuff. ;)