Thursday, January 20, 2011

Naan of Mai Businees rox! :D

Ello guys!

I feel as if i'd neglected my blog for weeks even though the fact is that i didn't blog for FIVE days only heh. =P

I guess most of you would've known by now that Naan of Mai Business got first runner-up in the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race and got ourselves a HTC 7 Mozart each! *claps*

This is extremely surreal. *pinching myself*

Yours truly with Ken, Jieyi and Jackie.

Just a little update on the race because i've repeated the entire scenario to so many people so i might as well just do it all at once here. ;)

Basically this is what we have to do;

a) Coordinates are given to find the marshall.
b) Clues are given by the marshall to find the respective restaurant in 1km radius.
c) Eat, blog, showed to the marshall and next clues were given.
d) Continue the same routine until the 5th destination then back to Modesto's.

*The first 5 teams to reach at the restaurant will gain 10 points, next 5 is 8 points and last 5 is 6 points.

*Extra points are given for tweetering and blogs that will make the judges salivate. That explains why i had constant status updates in my Twitter and Facebook. (Sorry if some of you guys find that rather disturbing.) C=

After the briefing from Niki Cheong the emcee and Mr. YC from Maxis, the race was flagged off at 10.40am sharp from Modesto's CapSquare.

We were well-equipped with an iPhone 3gs, a laptop and a Maxis modem to help us in completing the race but daym, i've never seen such crappy effinglysuperblylaggy laptop in my entire life before. That was when we wasted so much time in the first pit-stop because we couldn't even blog. Was the fourth to reach but the last few to leave the place.

Fortunately, Jie Yi's house was rather nearby so while Jackie and myself were struggling with the lappy, she and Ken went home to grab her bling bling laptop. :D

Got to our second pit-stop, came in 10th. Lost 2 points, but its ok. We told ourselves that we gotta blog properly and make it a compulsory that each of us gotta tweet and update FB status as well.

*Can you imagine us running like mad cows in Sunway Pyramid? Was drenched in sweat when we reached Tarbush. And I swear that's the best Middle-Eastern Restaurant i've tried so far because the last time i tried around The Mines area was...speechless. Ha. Ha.

Then we got to our third pit-stop, came in 7th. 'Not too bad,' we thought. Again, we did all that we could and flew to the fourth pit-stop. Surprisingly, we came in fourth!

Thank God for Ken, who knows like almost every corner around Klang Valley. He's the best navigator, better than GPS. The moment he key in the coordinates, he knows exactly where the place is. Then we have Jackie, the genius for solving most of the clues and VERY sneaky. ( Inside joke) and we have JieYi and myself as the runners. =D

Then we got to our fifth pit-stop and guess what? We came in third! We had approx 30 mins to do everything before we head back to Modesto's. This last pit-stop was the bomb! Place was awesome, food was incredibly delicious. Service was decent as well. If only we had the time to finish everything and order more of that dessert. Yummmmmms!

We reached Modesto's just on time at 5.35pm and was the fifth to reach! Why i say just on time is because we were supposed to reach by 5.40pm and if you're late, marks will be deducted for every 5 minutes. Heheh. Not bad eyh.

Hold on, not done yet. We still had individual task to do which was the Food Tasting session. We need to guess all the ingredients in that dish and the person who got the most ingredients correct, get to win vouchers to dine in Modesto's. Apparently two guys got the vouchers. Couldn't agree more when Niki said men make the best chefs. Heheh.

*i think it's mozarella cheese*

Then the prize giving ceremony! Was soooooooooo surprised when team Naan of Mai Business was called as the first runner-up! It was beyond our expectation seriously.


All hard work paid off! Including praying to the Naan God LOL. (Inside joke again)
Once again, congrats dears! Great job! It was such a splendid experience. All the jokes, laughters, whining and SCREAMING was such memorable. Most importantly, we really did enjoy ourselves! Hoping for more races like this! :D

Not to forget, a big thank you to Nuffnang and Maxis for organizing such awesome event!

; Pictures are grabbed from Ken and Jackie. :D

Nitey nite nite!


What is it that i'm actually waiting for?


Jackie Loi said...

i am genius muahaha

Sophia Lai said...

Yes you are :D

sleeper said...

congratulation ah!!!!!!!

jackie always genius,

u all just so great.. nvr give up, nvr ever.


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Sophia Lai said...

Thank you sleeper! Thank you for your support since first day itself. Much <3!

sleeper said...

ha ha~~ u are so so so welcome~~

and u all really just look great^^ awesome!

Roseli A. Bakar said...

Congrats all :)