Monday, January 10, 2011

To the Land of Hornbills - Part 3

Good day!

Hows new year treating you so far?

Great i hope.

On my side, it's been a whole great 11 days. Driving's good, life's good. Loving my timetable. =)

Anyway, this post is all about FOOD! Yeap, scrumptious food in the Land of Hornbills. (Non-halal food included)

Food in Kuching Not to be Missed!

Seafood Noodle.
Sarawak hand made noodles are yummeh. And this particular dish is at the top of my list because the sauce is reallyyyyyy tasty, the prawns and pork/fish balls are fresh and springy and the minced pork is like woah. Heaven.

Kueh Chap.
The 'kueh' denotes the thicker usage of kueh teow, cut into square/rectangular pieces and are blanched before serving into a bowl of herbal soup with assortment of pork spare parts, tau pok (fried puffy bean curb) and hard boiled egg.
The herbal soup taste like bak kut teh just that it's a lil salty.

Belacan Bee Hoon.
Besides Ko Lo Mee and Sarawak Laksa, Belacan Bee Hoon, served with cuttlefish and cucumber, is the next popular delicacy in town. Some might find this weird because of it's 'interesting' aroma but i find it yummy because i love belacan! =D

Tomato Mee/Kuey Teow.
The mee/kuey teow are stir-fried with pork and vegetables in a special tomato soup originated from Kuching. Aunt's fav! She can literally eat this for every meal.

Bi Din.
It's a green jungle fern that grows in Sarawak, often cooked in red-wine sauce or belacan. The thin, curly shoots are delicious and healthy and remains crunchy even after being cooked. It's like our version of pucuk paku.

Popiah / Spring Roll.
There's only one thing about spring roll is that, if the sweet sauce is nice, it'll turn out good. If it doesn't, there goes the popiah.

One word, DELICIOUS.

Kom Piah.
This is the Foochow version of bagel. The skin is crispy and filling tastes like char siew pau's filling. LOL. Perfect for tea break.

Aunt Angel recommended this western restaurant, Delizze, situated at Premier 101. Trust me, it's the BEST western restaurant in town, and it can even fight those in KL. Seriously.

I love the ambiance. Very cozy.

I really wish to try their loafs. Best seller it seems. Looks tempting as well :D

Half bakery-half restaurant concept. Smart eyh? And their croissants are only selling at RM1.70. Bought them for breakfast the next day, taste awesomely good i swear.

Apparently their sausages and ham are cheaper.

Soup of the day! The soup was very flavourful.
Strong smell of capsicum and very potato-ish.

The Old Time Burger.
The chicken meat was really thick and tasty, add some BBQ sauce and wa-lah! Homemade french fries were awesome as well.

Aglio Olio Spaghetti.
You'll be in cloud nine after eating this.

Carbonara Spaghetti.
I LOVE THIS! It is much better thn the one i had in La Bodega. And most of their spaghetti are only RM14.90. Cheap right? You definitely can't get this here in KL!

; Please open one Delizze in KL pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeee. :)

It's 1am. Gotta hit the sack! Goodnight!


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