Monday, January 24, 2011

Premiere Screening of The Green Hornet @ Mid Valley.

Date : 24th January 2011
Venue : GSC Mid Valley
Time : 9pm

In this incarnation of The Green Hornet, the story centers on Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) who inherits after his father's estate after his death caused by a bee stung. Forming a friendship with his father's mechanic/coffee maker Kato (Jay Chou), they both set up to become heroes using each others strengths. (Kato has amazing fighting skills and a technical expert while Britt has all the money to fund in their actions). Britt came to know that his father was paranoid about security and has had Kato to build some pretty hardcore defenses into "Black Beauty".

With both of them feeling the need for some excitement, they decided to form a crime-fighting duo. But in order to make it more effective, they decided to help people by being the 'good guys' is by becoming the bad guys. While their goal is to disrupt gang crime in LA, they draw the attention of an old school crime boss named Chudnovsky (Christoph Waltz). Chudnovsky is as dangerous as ever because he feels like he's losing respect and authority among the crime bosses in the area.

Also drawn in was Cameron Diaz who stars as Britt's secretary, who indirectly helped in their actions because Britt and Kato were totally clueless about criminal minds and she happens to be very well versed in that based on her degree in journalism.

Obviously, the ending would be predictable. But i would leave that to you guys to watch it. Movie will be officially out in cinemas on this coming Thursday, 27th of Jan.

Btw, if you guys didn't know, Stephen Chow was originally brought in and star as Kato and would be directing as well. But a few months passed, Stephen Chow was not going to direct due to creative differences but would still play Kato. A few more weeks gone by, Stephen Chow completely bowed out of the project.

Have you wondered how would the movie be like if Stephen Chow was the director? Haha.

Feel free to watch the trailer here. =)

Honestly i went in expecting a clunky, overly simple written plot with bad puns but it turns out to be quite entertaining. And despite Jay's limitations in speaking English fluently, i think he really deserves a pat at the back.

I would say that there's nothing to hate about this movie and nor there's anything to love either. It's just a typical superhero comedy and if you're expecting Seth Rogen to be someone really great, don't.

At least it did blew my mind at some scenes.

PS: If you're a diehard fan of Jay Chou, do NOT leave the cinema during the closing credits. Do NOT. =)

Again, thanks to Jackie for the passes. =)


Use me as you will,
Pull my string just for a thrill.
And i know i'll be okay,
Though my skies are turning grey.


Richard Ling said...

i support Jay Chau

Sophia Lai said...

Have fun watching it then. ;)