Thursday, January 27, 2011

Church Wedding on 01.01.11.

Finally had the time to blog about the wedding project that was held on the 1st of Jan! :D

This is gonna be a brief one because i gotta get back to my ASS-ignments or else i won't get to celebrate Chinese New Year. Tsktsk.

Date: 1.1.11
Venue: The Life Chapel, PJ.

The bridal's posy.

The bridesmaid posies.

The flowergirl posies.

There are a total of 7 hand bouquets if i'm not mistaken.

The groom's corsage.

Gerberas on chair pews.

Stand near altar.

The bridal car - Estima.

So yeap, my aunt is a home-based wedding planner/event-coordinator, and somehow by helping her in all these projects, i'd somehow developed some passion in this line. But the problem is, i don't really have the talent and creativity to do all the flower arrangements. Patience needed and it's a very delicate work. Still learning. ;)

Flowers make me happieeeeeeee!

This. still. means. a. lot. to. me.


You're incredibly insane.

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