Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MY Valentine's Day.

Hello folks!

Here's just a short update from me before i leave for grands place. =)

Honestly, i've never ever celebrated Valentine's Day (yes i've received flowers and all before) but i've never like officially go out and celebrate it. To me it's just another day created by Hallmark to sell their cards and for restaurants to make extra moolah. Heh.

So talking about yesterday, it was totally beyond my expectation. Got a bouquet of roses+eustomas with butterflies and was brought to a awesome restaurant for dinner. Was insisted that i should not disclose about the place but he did not say that i can't give hints right. Tsk tsk. So the hint is, ZOO. :D

Ok la, give you another hint. There's lotsa real animals but they're fake. :D Go figure go figure!

The moment we sat down i burst out laughing because instead of using candles, they use this. It's for prayers btw. Haha.

Ordered this for starter. The crab filling was gleeeeeelicious.

His plate of Cape Seafood Platter.
The combination of the king sized prawns, muscles, fish, etc were perfecto!

Mine's Lamb Shank.
Very lambbbyyy taste. Me like!

Banana split for dessert! :D
Was extremely stuffed and satisfied. What a great chillax dinner.

'The way to a woman's heart is through her tummy...'
Maybe not all but that is certainly so darn right to me.

Thank you. =)

; Everyday is a Valentine's Day don't ya think so? ;)

Sorry love.

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