Saturday, January 1, 2011

To the Land of Hornbills - Part 2

Happy New Year loves! =)

It's been quite a hectic week and i'm finally back home!

Missed out on the chance of seeing fireworks from aunt's place that's overlooking KLCC that night. And missed out on a good dinner as well. But then again, it was such a heavenly joy to see couples get married and what you did was to add to the uniqueness of their wedding to be more meaningful by helping out with the flower arrangements. Will blog about that later on. =)

For now i shall continue with my trip that i'd taken time off from my depressing social life. *smirks*

The Place.

#1. India Street Pedestrian Mall.

India Street is a pedestrian walkway lined with variety of shops selling textiles, crockery, goldsmiths and clothings of which you could bargain. Mid-way down there is a narrow passageway which leads to stalls that sell fresh vegetables and fruits and also spice merchants.

#2. Main Bazaar.

In just a stone's throw away, is the Main Bazaar where it has to be the most visited place in town as you can shop for souvenirs and almost every ethnic handicrafts.

You can find stalls like this everywhere as you stroll along the old town area. They sell Gambir Asli Sarawak which proven, is more powerful than VIAGRA. It's all over the place mann!

#3. The Waterfront.

Situated across the road from Main Bazaar is the waterfront which is about a kilometer long.

It is here where you ride the Sarawak River Cruise boats or take the famous Sarawak Sampan (60 cents) to cross over the river to Fort Margherita or to buy the famous Kek Lapis.

They're really generous with the samples. Eat as much as you want. Truth is, you'll never leave this place empty handed.

#4. Friendship Park.

Don't you just love the bench? ;)

The Voyages of Admiral Zheng He (Cheng Ho).

The park is to commemorate a 30 years of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China.That building with Chinese architectural styles used to serve dim sum but now's an empty building.
What a waste.

#5. Damai Beach.

This is, mesmerizing.

Damai Beach is Sarawak's most scenic beach which located on the Santubong Peninsula.
We took about 45 minutes to reach there.

I just can't stop looking at them. Like a painting aint?


New semester starts tomorrow! Funny, i don't feel a thing. Not excited, not nervous, not looking forward to it and nor i need more holidays.

What a feeling to begin the new year with. Remote.


You cannot be replaced.

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