Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pretty Ideas.

Im in my second week of semester break and im utterly bored. Cant wait to go to college again to meet my whole bunch of boisterous peeps. Its been a while since i last had a good laugh. *sigh* Miss you guys larh. >:( Still got one more week to go. Patience is virtue. haha.

Anyway, this is going to be a effing long post with lots of pictures of Aunt Lynnda`s floral arrangement masterpieces such as corsages, boutonnieres and bouquets. Somehow flowers cheer me up when im feeling cranky. *teehee* Enjoy looking at 'em.

They are all fresh flowers. Isnt it preeeetttie? *say yes say yes* *nods*


Am imagining about my wedding day already. hehe. wtf.

Eu te amo~!

p/s : im dying to watch muvees...oh gawd..



Valerie said...

*nod nod* Those flowers are fresh n charming :) n those cupcakes are cute, look delicious *haha* ur aunt is really a cool person :)

June said...

I love the floral arrangements!
I wanna watch movies too! Since you like/love hamsters ever so much, let's watch G-Force when it shows! =D

Sophia Lai said...

valerie : yeay..finally someone nods! ^.^ thanks! haha! and yeap, she`s indeed a great and cool person. ;)

june : me love it too! :P oh yesh please, those hamsters really darn cute!! plus, its gonna be released exactly on coddy`s we planned to watch it together..*wide smile*

Amanda Janelle said...

ahhh!! so pretty wei the flowers.. i love the hand bouquets and the corsages.. =)

Sophia Lai said...

i <3 'em too!! ;)