Monday, August 3, 2009

Goodbye, my friend.

Even till now, i still cant believe what had happened. Its just so surreal isnt it? Gary Leon Robert was such a great person and i knew him since i was in primary as he was one of my brother`s best friend. We all knew him for his great charms; kind, smart, great athlete, good looking. He was a very honest, promising, talented person. Everyone would agree that he was a man created by God that was so near to perfection. And most importantly, he was only 22. He was just about to venture into the world with all the great talents he had, but his time came a little too soon. The great guy he was, he slipped away before us, leaving his family and friends behind.

How could a great guy, which such great personalities, left us in that way, and why of all places, it happened to be a dumpster? He fainted after he completed his 22km run. He was begging for more water after he regained his consciousness. They said he eventually woke up and said that he was alright. But why end up, he was at the other end of the football field, in such an isolated area, lying dead with bruises? Would a person that just recovered would walk that far knowing that there`s nearer entrace for him to walk out? I was there working the other day, and i didnt even know Gary participated in the run. I was at the field after the event, and i didnt know he was fainted before that and was brought to the medical base. All that`s left now is all the 'What ifs' and 'What if its not'. The fact remains that he`s not here with us anymore.

Whatever it is, i know there`s nothing we could do to bring him back. All we could hope for now is that Gary is in a better place. That`s for sure because he`s an angel. He`s back to the arms of God, he bids farewell to the world before us and we will carry on with our lives without him. Memories of him will always be with us.

Rest in peace, Gary. You will always be remembered! WE LOVE YOU!

Deepest condolence to his family and friends.

I`ll never forget those times where you and bro`s friends bullied me during primary and secondary school days. :P Wherever you are, please take care ya!

Life is indeed fragile. Appeciate your loved ones.

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p/s : If they said they had gave the best medical treatment to him, then why still the cause of his death was dehydration? Isnt it nonsense?

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