Friday, August 14, 2009

Pretty cupcakes.

Last Monday, we went to Aunt Aileen`s house to bake cupcakes. It was a fun experience
because i could finally learn how to bake cupcakes and to decorate them. Of course, it wasnt my first time baking but since the popularity of cupcakes are increasing and they are just so pretty, i have this kind of craze for this delicacy that you wouldnt wanna imagine of. And the best part of the whole process of baking cupcakes is the frosting. :D

Here are some shots of what we came up with.

You can prepare the sugar paste while waiting for the cupcake base to be baked.

Spead the cream evenly on it while letting the sugar paste to dry and start to decorate!

Me love! :)

Anyway, Aunt Lynnda is a very creative person and she has her own company that sells pretty stuffs for pretty occasions. Besides doing wedding events, she can also do corporate gifts ( from delicious chocolates to amazing cupcakes ). Need a wedding coordinator for your magical day? Visit her bloggie at Lynnda`s Pretty Ideas. :)

Miss my cuBBYcake.


Yvon said...

Lols baby...seeing the pics already make my saliva drip...but is so cute until i tak sampai hati wanna eat it...=P...

Sophia Lai said...

haha...drooling rite? i x sampai hati wanna eat also.. :)