Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You don't miss your water til' the well runs dry.


Sorry for the lack of updates!
Last week, was a complete week of HELL.
All assignments and presentations due on the same week.
I could not explain how stress everyone was, how everyone was racing against the clock.
You see, problem is, we human never learn from our mistakes.
We always do things last minute.
We are aware of how fast the time flies.
YET, time after time, we still do what we do best -

Speaking about stress, it saddens me to see you all so stressed and chocked up.
I wish i could help to lessen your burden, but really, that is just all i could help.
And then you get so temperamental, which in a way i find it rather SCARY yet very adorable at the same time.
I don't even know why, but that's just how it goes.
I guess it's just me who see you as a whole different individual completely.

One more week to finals.
8th and 19th of August.
And then i'm officially on my semester break.
Fortunately or UN-fortunately, i don't have to study for next semester.
So i'll be pretty free for two months til' my internship.
Good or bad? I really don't know.
Bad cause' i think i'm gonna waste a lot of time.
Good cause' i can at least earn some pocket money.
Well, let's see!

If you noticed, i have serious problem with the way i blog today.
Uttering words that are coming from a soon-to-be malfunctioning brain?
Confirm brain gone cuckoo!

You complete me.
For those who've yet to know, he, shall remain anonymous!!
Rolling on the floor laughing


You can call me whenever from wherever
Just remember that
I'll be there
Through the stormy weather.

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