Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's spell F-U-N!!

Hello dears!

It's September already! We are only four months away from the year of 2012! Look at how fast time flies!! It seems like only yesterday i got my first set of crayons! Teehee.

Really, am sorry for the extremely lack of updates. There are too many errands going on at the same time and i somehow lost my determination to blog. Sometimes i feel there is no need to inform people about my whereabouts and such but at the same time i really DO want to blog, for the sake of keeping all my very precious memories here (just incase if one day i've got amnesia LOL) but due to time constraint and what not, i always fail to do so. =(

Anyways, here's a post about the fun things i did after finals. =D

#1. I-city with the love and peeps.

We had steamboat buffet nearby!
Then off to the park to chill but it was a tad lil' disappointing.

The theme park is half-way building and thus it was not in a pleasant view at all. Moreover, it was stinko due to the camels' poop and pee. =X
Yes, camel riding for RM15 per person. Less than a 5 minutes ride.


See, why i said it was disappointing is partly because most of the LED lights were burnt.
The best looking peacock there LOL.

And then it was shisha time!

Attempted to puff out more smoke but failed! XD
Apparently shisha is worse than cigarette.
Is it?

With pretty Elissa!
Pictures are all courtesy of her!
Thank you dear! =D

All in all, it was definitely a joyous moment with them. After all, it is the company that matters. Thank you dears! =)

#2. Wedding Project at Faith Church in Sunway.

Helped my aunt two days back for a wedding project held in Sunway on the 30th. So happy to see flowers again! Will blog about this soon!

Need to hit the sack now!

Goodnight lovelies!


Happy Merdeka Raya to all!

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