Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Til' i have you in my arms again. :)


Am currently blogging in the office coz its so goddamn boring! Head's pounding like hell thanks to the construction next door. Our building is literally shaking and the walls start to crack. Hopefully we can just be evacuated n dont work! Tsktsk.

You how ironic it is whnever we were in highsch,we cant wait to be in college. Then when we're finally entered college, we hope we could turn back time to those days in highschool. Or sometimes we even said that 'I cant wait to start my working life!'. But you know what? Working life ain't fun at all. You literally sit the whole day. No matter how much u diet, rely on biscuits for lunch, u'll still end up fat because you sit for goddamn 9 hours, five days a week!

You really have to know what's your passion to love working life.

Anyways, i still can cope with this. Just missing my college life so much. Miss having lunch with my baby, my dear and my darling. Really, assignments are nothing compare to all these.

So peeps, appreciate your college life! :))

I miss you loads. All the best for your exam baby! Mwah! <3

Take care loves!

Gtg! Toodles!


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