Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hello loves!
Since i've got some extra time to spare so here's a quick update from me today!
The entire week has been nothing but total bliss.
If you happen to follow me in Twitter, you know why i was all hyped up and happy.
Really, i can never be any more grateful than this.
I can never ask for more, nor wish for more cause' i am really content with my life right now.
*wide smile to the ears!*

Tomorrow will be the start of something new.
It's time to gain some experience and knowledge working in an office.
Three and a half months.
I don't know if i can cope but i am definitely willing to learn.

And that means, it would be a lil' difficult to meet the love these few months.
So yeap, hopefully time will pass faster and at the same time we both get to achieve what we want. =)
We've been meeting quite often and a slight change is indeed an obstacle.
But we will definitely overcome this. Not like i'm miles away or something right.

Not to forget,

hello, meet my boyf number 2!


Let's get the engines moving!
Looking forward to a bright future!
Tsktsk. =P

Have a great week ahead people! Love each and everyone of you tonnes! Mwahs! <3

*See you in a bit love! ILY!! ;)

With love,

Let's take a moment
to reminisce the attack
that happened on 9/11.
My heart goes out
to those who are affected by it.

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