Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedding on the 31st of August 2011.

Hello homies!

Finally i could spare some time for my soon-to-die blog! =D Been really tired since i started working and i just got recovered from a bad flu and slight fever. Thanks to bro who spread his virus to me and he's so proud that he spread to his colleagues as well. Damn wth right. LOL.

So here's a post about the wedding project that happened on Merdeka Day/Raya at Tropicana Clubhouse. If i'm not mistaken their theme color was white, peach and tiffany blue.

The groom's corsage.

I'm so proud that i did the whole corsage by myself!!
Super delicate job i tell you!

The bridal's bouquet.

Main table deco in the ballroom.

The garden wedding at Tropicana Clubhouse's Courtyard.

All in all it was fun yet very tiring! It's such a bliss to see people getting married and you wonder how's yours going to be in the next 10 years. And it's so touched to see em' couples exchange vows. May the couple live happily ever after. =)

Loves. =)

All i need
is someone that loves me
for who i am.

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