Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LMFAO @ Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon!

Last minute decision to attend LMFAO concert last night!


Not really a fan of concerts but...
Bro successfully persuaded me to go saying that 'No, we are not lining up. We don't have to rush with people. Eyh, you finish exam edi right? Come laaaaa, pleasseeeeeeeee.'
And i said yes.


Took about an hour plus to reach Sunway.
Thank gawd we found some secluded parking lot in the hotel and we only had to pay RM1!
Good choice for not parking at the Valet. =D


Area we're supposed to be in.


Look at the amount of people. This was only about 8.30 pm.
The concert started at 10pm!! I almost gave up waiting. =/


Free flow of Carlsberg and Jagermeister until concert starts.

Finger food. That's our 'dinner'! Came back home and had my all time fav Ramly Burger. Heee.


Soren Ravn, MD of Carlsberg.

Andrea Fonseka! Who came with Deborah Henry and Serena C! =))
(Told ya' my bro needs some professional camera. 80% of the pics he took are blur.)


Damn adorable sia!

He finally came out at 10! Sucha looong wait.

But it was pretty good i must say. He really got everyone so hyped up and hyper last night.
I'm in Miami bitch~!

Last but not least,


Couldn't see shits cause' everyone's standing/jumping and blocking the view. Decided to just stand behind of all the crowds and waa lah! I didn't know it was THAT packed. Good! Very good!
Wonder how did those people wake up for work today. Heh!

Last shot before we left.
Party rock!!!!
Thank you for the tix. =))


On a side note, i'm so happy that i am officially on my sem break now for 3 weeks! Time to compensate all my sleepless nights!

Have a great day ahead people! xx



sell my house said...

I'm so jealous !!! You are very lucky because you had truly pretty feelings. sell my house

Miyen said...

You got to free tickets and managed to take piccies with andrea? Unfair! Haha. Anyway, glad to hear you're finally having your sem break :)

Sophia Lai said...

Hi hun! Yeap, bro got em' last min. :)) But nah, it wasn't that fun. Kinda boring seriously especially gotta wait for hours. Haha. But the sound system was pretty good, so, alcohol + good music = total awesomeness! :D Btw, all the best for your ACCA! xx